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Why Do People Work In Sweatshops?

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Evelyn Pizano

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of Why Do People Work In Sweatshops?

Is it worth it?

Sweat Shops
How people are treated in the factories
Sweat shop workers are treated very badly in the sweat shops, because if they miss a day their bosses cut a three day working payment. It's very sad to see these family's in pain because when it's a holiday they can't miss work, the bosses don't even pay the workers the full amount they need and the amount the workers get are not even enough for them to live on. The parents can't even afford to pay for their children to go to school because they don't get payed a lot. The bosses also abuse the workers with words, because if their late or don't do something right then the bosses embarrasses them in front of everyone and the workers say it's unfair. The whole point is their treated with disrespect, the workers said"we want to be treated like everyone one else and it's not fair we have to live this way."
Recent Events
Even today in America, people are still using sweatshops. They usually do this so they won't have to pay minimum wage. Many companies use sweatshops and don't tell consumers they do so. Some examples are: Walmart, Nike, and Victoria's secret. Phil Knight? More like crushing might!
Why Do People Work In Sweatshops?
Citizens work in sweatshops because they need income to support their families. They often do not have many choice and decide to work in sweatshops. Also families say it's safer to work at a sweat shop, because "It's a safer environment" and "Sweatshops are inside and at least you don't have to be outside''.
Sweatshops, according to the US Department Of Labor, are factories that violate the company's given legislation. The most common conditions in most sweatshops are contaminated air, unfair wages (Near a dollar a day, 5c an hour), disease, and high temperature in the factories.
In all the countries that have sweatshops, a estimated of 250 million kids in between the ages of 5 and 14 do hard labor. 85%-90% of sweatshop workers are women. Sweatshops are one of the most dirtiest work places in all occupations. And you thought your job was bad!
Sweatshops occur all over the world. Sweatshops occur in poor countries which are also known as Third World Countries. Examples of this are Vietnam, China, and Syria. Even America Is responsible sweatshops, the only difference is that they hide them a bit better. Not good enough!
Where Does It Occur?
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