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Matthew Knowlton

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

-Prezi by Matt Knowlton Peace Child by Don Richardson Summary If I was writing a book... The people of Indonesia desperately needed to hear the gospel,
and Don Richardson, the author, decided that God wanted him to go
and minister to the lost people of Indonesia who believe that deceitfulness, lying, betrayal, and cannibalism were all positive things that were to be praised. When telling the gospel story, Don realized that the Sowi people thought Judas was the hero because of his betrayal of Jesus. The tribes broke out into fighting the next day, and eventually came to an agreement when Don said he would leave. They exchanged peace children to prove their trust to each other, and this gave Don an amazing opportunity. He explained that Jesus was the peace child, and that Judas was wrong because he threatened the Jesus. The Sowi tribe finally understood, and Don led thousands of Indonesians to Christ. The author, Don Richardson, is the missionary in the book, so his faith is obviously shown by the fact that he is going out into unknown and dangerous territory to try to spread the gospel. He also exhibited faith by traveling down many dangerous rivers to reach the isolated tribes of Indonesia. The cannibalistic tribes can be very intimidating, but Don Richardson shows his strong faith in God by preaching the good news to them. He could have easily been killed by preaching against their spirits, but God gave him the wisdom and bravery to lead many to Christ. The Author's Faith There were not any specific verses mentioned in the book, but I thought this one applied very well. "Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season." 2 Timothy 4:2

Don Richardson certainly did preach the word, and led thousands of hard-to-reach tribal people to Christ. He was also ready and adaptable in his teaching. With God's help, he overcame the challenges he faced. Faith This story is very inspiring. It shows how a normal person can just wander in the jungles of a faraway land and convert thousands to Christ. That is what is so applicable. We realize that we don't need to be anything special, and God has a plan for us that will help further his kingdom either way. Application If I was to write a Christian non-fiction book, I would revolve my
book around a missionary, just like Peace Child did. I would write this type of book because I believe that it is exciting enough to keep someone's attention, while at the same time being motivational and inspiring. Author's writing style This author is very skilled at what he does, but his writing is not perfect. One good thing about his writing is his sentence variety. He uses many different sentence lengths and his wording always flowed very smoothly. Some of his word choices could have been better, and his vocabulary could have been expanded some. Book Review ***** I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who might be interested. I would give this book a four star rating. This is because overall, it is a very good book but there are some areas that could be improved. On several occasions, the book gets very dry and goes off and talks about other things that do not add to the setting or plot of the book.
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