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Norman Rockwell

No description

Kim Shores

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell was born in New York in 1894 What is an Illustrator? Norman Rockwell Painter of the American Dream Artist Illustrator He was an Art.com Art.com When he was 22 years old he started illustrating covers for a magazine called The Saturday Evening Post. Norman Rockwell illustrated 321 covers for The Saturday Evening Post This took him almost 50 years to accomplish! An illustrator is a person who draws or creates pictures for books, magazines, advertisements or other types of publications. Norman Rockwell was taught that an illustration is the author's words in paint. www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Norman_Rockwell.aspx He got his first job illustrating a book when he was just 18 years old! He was an What is an
Artist? One definition of an artist is a person who produces paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby. He enjoyed drawing at a very young age and decided by the time he was 14 years old that he wanted to be an artist. Norman Rockwell thought of himself as an illustrator more than an artist. Art.com Some people do not consider Norman Rockwell to be a great artist. They think he was just a great illustrator. Here are a few of his paintings. What do YOU think makes someone a great artist? What makes an artist? So... Artists Record What people looked like and what they wore. Events in history and things that happened around them. Norman Rockwell's paintings showed simply what every day life was like in America during his life. Can you find the humor in these paintings? Art.com Art.com Artists Make the Invisible Become Visible They try to record what cannot be seen. Norman Rockwell knew that the world was not perfect. So, he said "I paint life as I would like it to be." What do you think these paintings might be trying to tell us about life? Art.com Art.com Artists Help Us To "see" Feelings They can make us laugh. They can make us cry. Norman Rockwell liked to use humor in his paintings. Artists Make Us Think! They help us to imagine. They show us a different
way of looking at things. Norman Rockwell painted many paintings that helped people to think about the importance of freedom and equality in our country. Freedom of Speech Moving In Mosaic Look at these pictures. What important things do they make you think about? Was a great artist? You Decide! Name some things in these pictures that are different from what it is like today? Art.com Art.com Art.com Art.com Art.com Art.com
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