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Nia Smith

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of SmithNiaGreekEng1

Kronos: God of Time
and the Ages By: Nia Smith Kronos VS Uranus Early Life Offspring The Olympians win Zeus takes over Life as a ruler Once Kronos was old enough with the help of his mother he overruled his father and became the ruler of the universe. Gaea the Goddess of Earth and Uranus
the God of the sky are the parents of Kronos.

Kronos was the youngest of twelve titans. Kronos had six kids with Rhea, three girls
and three boys.

After Rhea gave birth to each of their kids Kronos swallowed each of them, because he feared that his children would try to overrule him. Even though Kronos was the youngest he became the ruler of the titans.

He also married his sister Rhea. The Olympians won the war against the Titans.

Zues and the other Olympians ended up taking over their father and the universe.

The Olympians punished their father by sending him to the Underworld, but they still looked up to their mother because of her kindness and allowing them to escape their father. When their last son Zeus was born, Rhea sent him to a island so Kronos wouldn't swallow him. She tricked Kronos by giving him a stone wrapped in garments and he ate that thinking it was Zeus.

When he came of age Zeus gave his father a poison to spit out all of his siblings.

Once his siblings were spit out Zeus led them into a war against the titans.
The war was called The Titanomachy.
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