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Ecology Sec. 1.3 Notes

Energy flows through ecosystems

Scott Comstock

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Ecology Sec. 1.3 Notes

Learning Goal:
Describe how energy flows through an ecosystem.

Sec. 1.3 Notes
Energy flows through ecosystems

1. Sammy puts a small amount of water in a saucer and leaves it on a sunny windowsill for several hours. What happens to the water?

2. Draw a diagram of the water cycle. Use/place these words correctly in your diagram; precipitation, evaporation, condensation.

3. What is the role of animals in the carbon cycle?
Pop Quiz
Producer is an organism that captures
& stores it in
chemical energy
1. photosynthesis
2. Make energy available.
3. It uses energy to produce sugars
Living things capture & release energy
Food chain
describes the
feeding relationship
(flow of energy) of a
and a single chain of
in an ecosystem.

9. Organism and their feeding relationship.

Food web
is a
of the
relationship between several
in an ecosystem.

10. a food chain shows only one set of feeding relationships in an ecosystem; a food web shows many different feeding relationships.

11. because they are the tertiary consumers and they are not eaten by any organisms shown in this food web.
Models help explain feeding relationships
Energy Pyramid
= describes the amount of
available at each
of the

12. producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, teritary consumer, & apex predator

13. 90%

14. The life processes of the producers use up some of the energy before primary consumers eat the producers
Available energy decreases as it moves through an ecosystem.
Consumers = organisms that get their
by consuming other
4. The bird eats the caterpillar, which are the leaf. Energy & matter transfer from leaf to caterpillar to bird.
5. It eats the leaves of the plant (the producer)
6. The bird is second in the line of consumers - it eats a primary consumer.
7. scavengers

break down
dead plants & animal
simpler compounds
8. Fungi, bacteria
Random Trivia
The person sitting under the KU speaker can pick the person to answer the trivia question.
In what city could you see Rockefeller Center, Madison Square Garden and Central Park?
New York City
While you are waiting to check, read pages 22 through 25.
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