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Media & Children with Disabilities

College Presentation

Janine Mosley

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Media & Children with Disabilities

Media & Children with Disabilites Television


Literature Studies
Clifford the Big Red Dog


The Fear Factor

Fatal Attraction
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Literature

"The invisibility of children with disabilities on television and movies affects our sons and daughters...and the exclusion of anyone who uses a wheelchair or has Down's syndrome creates more challenges for our youth than the disability." - Pamela Wilson, Special News Editor
BellaOnline.com What does this mean?
more inclusive messages
in all of childrens media better writing of moral
messages in children's media increase number of
disabled children in
all media better representation of
mentally ill/challenged in movies parental/caregiver
co-viewing Why aren't there more disabled children represented in media?

Does media effect how people with disabilities are viewed?

Would more representation produce a positive effect overall?

What specific media produce the best results? Dior's story
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