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The chemistry of diet sodas and the effect on bone structure

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James Follins

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of The chemistry of diet sodas and the effect on bone structure

Diet sodas a smarter alternative or is it just another soda
what is a diet soda ?
what is diet soda made of ? leprechaun farts
websites used
diet sodas make you just a little lighter
curiosity killed the cat well not this time any way
diet sodas have always been thought of as a way to cheat a diet but any time yuo cheat your only cheating your self. studies have shown that diet sodas are not a health alternative for a good old fashion coke but instead diet sodas can damage your body even more such as your bone structure and most impotently make a person gain weight so look out ladies.
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Soda is a soda is a soda no matter how much sugar you take out of it; what is a soda most people think soda the basic definition of a soda is a sugary drink that burns there throat as they drink well there partly right. A soft drink is a beverage that typically contains carbonated water, a sweetener and a flavoring.
Tere are many different types of diet drinks such as coke, pepsi, and we could as far as monster diet drinks. many Different soda industries use many different ingredients then the other to give them that special signalsure taste,but many have a basic ingredients such as:
Carbonated Water
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Caramel Color
Phosphoric Acid
Natural Flavors
Aspartame (NutraSweet)
Potassium Benzoate
Citric acid
diet sodas have phosphorus, an ingredient that increases the acidity of your blood. In an effort to neutralize the acidity, your body leaches calcium from your bones, leading to bone loss over time. here's a more dumb down explanation diet sodas make hole in you bones from a chemical within the soda in return your bones lose mass and become lighter over time.
If something taste good doesn't mean its always good for your body.
James Follins
Dean: Aice chemistry 3rd period
The chemistry of diet sodas and the effect on bone structure
Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components
The two main components are carbonated water and caramel color.
Molecular formula for carbonated water is, H2CO3
Molecular formula for caramel color is, C18H9N Na2O8S2
Carbonated water is water that contains carbon dioxide gas. The gas causes there to be small bubbles in the water.
Caramel color is the most consumed food coloring ingredient in the world. It results from controlled heat treatments of carbohydrates.
alternate sweeterners may be the cause of wieght gain in common diet soda diets. this is assumed for many reasons; one is that there is aboundent amoubtf sweetener or sweetners in a diet soda to make it as sweet or sweeter then a regualer high calorie soda. Another assumation is that the artic=fual sweetbers afect the stomach bacteria differntly then common sugar these was shown in an experiment don mice.
A diet soda wouldnt be a diet soda with out artifcal sugar yummy. The man who actually invent created it be accident by not washing his hands after being in the lab and then eating a roll which tasted sweet. this is kind of how LSD was discovered. just think we wouldn't have diet sodas if it wasn't for a man washing his hands. So immediately he went back to his lab and tasted all of his lab dishes until he found the one which resembled what the one he tasted previously. it was a (substance from an overheated beaker “in which o-sulfobenzoic acid had reacted with phosphorus (V) chloride and ammonia, producing benzoic sulfinide.”) Using this new substance years later Hyman Kirsch; a immigrant from Crimea made a black cherry type soda and there birth the first diet drink.
IM a Grown MAN
But its still fun to play with
The reason behind it all
The bone loss occurs more in wo,en then men because women try to complensate diet soda for every other high calorie food and drinks. As a ruslte of drinking large quantities of diet sda the parathyroid hormone (PTH) concentration increases
The textbook definition of parathyroid hormone (PTH) is a simple, straight-chain polypeptide, synthesized in chief cells and stored in secretory granules. The hormone stimulates the formation and activity of resorptive osteocytes so that calcium is released into body fluids without extensive bone remodeling. This is its mineral homeostatic function and is a relatively quick, short duration response. It is also concerned in skeletal homeostasis by stimulating osteoclastic osteolysis, the slower acting process of bone remodeling.
parathyroid hormone (PTH)

diet sodas along with every other soda is harmfully to your body. Many people perceve that diet soda is a great alternative to drinking when actuality its worst because most people tend to indulge in most healthy tasty thing. This is bad because in order to get diet to taste like regular soda they have to put in whole lot of artificial sweetener; which is usely (Aspartame) Diet sodas like stated before makes your bones lose calcium which in turn makes your bones lose weight in a process called parathyroid hormone (PTH). The process is basic where calcium from the bones is released into the blood stream.

What is calcium?
A mineral found mainly in the hard part of bones, where it is stored; such as bones, teeth, and fingernails.
why is it needed ?
"Calcium is added to bone by cells called osteoblasts and removed from bone by cells called osteoclasts. Calcium is essential for healthy bones and is also important for muscle contraction, heart action, and normal blood clotting".
Side Note
Diet coco has passed Pepsi on the top ten most sold sodas. Previously majority of the top ten drinks were non diet which were 8 and diets 2, but recently diet has added two more diet type beverages to the ranks leaving only 6 non dieted drinks are people trying to find a healthier way of drinking? if so sodas period have to watch out because tea and fruit juices are on there way to beat out there competition.
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