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No description

jessica white

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of Respect

By: Jessica White
5 way to show yourself respect:
Tell yourself to be kind
by loving yourself
Treating yourself kindly
Being yourself
Accept yourself for who you are
showing respect in your family by:
By listening to other each
Loving each other for who they are
By helping around the house
also making time for each other
It is something that earned
You have to learn to respect yourself before others
By showing kindness and consideration of your self and other
Also learn to accept others for who they are.
Showing respect in school by:
Obey your teacher
Accepting your peer for who they are
Being not rude
Keeping your negative thonghs to yourself
Showing respect in your society by:
By help your the people around you
By clean up your enviroment
By accepting all poeple
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