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No description

Sam Pater

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Metacognition

Transfer Ed Psych - Group # 4 Metamemory Explicit Strategy Instruction Transfer Metacogniton Applying previous experiences
and knowledge to learning or
problem solving in a new situation. Types of Transfer Near Transfer:
Occurs when situations are very similar

Far Transfer:
Occurs when situations are very different Low Road Transfer:
Is "automatic" and unconscious

High Road Transfer:
Is a conscious act and takes effort Cognition about cognition


"Knowing about knowing" Metacognitive Knowledge Monitoring and reflecting on one's current or recent thoughts. Metacognitive Activity Consciously adapting and managing thinking
strategies during problem solving and purposeful
MODEL One Step At A Time Perfect Practice Makes Perfect model, verbalize, share, guided practice, discovery, positive comparison Developmental Changes
in Metacognition Ex. You write a paper in English, you take those skills to write a paper in Social Studies. STRATEGIES



METACOGNITION Ex. You take what you learned in Physics and apply it to shooting a basketball into a net in Phys. Ed. The Three
are... Ex. If you are competent in reading and writing those things come natural to you Ex. Writing in a new language Ex. Journal Entry Ex. Doing a science experiment 1. Intellectual homes and schools...
Similarities Vs. Differences is knowledge about memory 2. Demonstrated ... Raise your hands
if you know how
many keys there
are on a piano?? Are there:
a) 55
b) 88
c) 122
d) 155 3. General strategy
knowledge How many countries are there in the world? = Are there:
a) 52
b) 152
c) 192
d) 222 What is
John Wayne's
real name? a) Marion Morrison
b) Jude Willie
c) Patrick Wayne
d) Steve Urbach Recognition
is easier
than recall Usually kids by age 5
understand the basics
of metamemory They understand...

...that short lists are easier to memorize than longer ones

...that familiar items are easier to learn than unfamiliar ones

...that forgetting occurs over longer periods of time By the time they reach Gr.5, they understand that gist-recall is far easier than verbatim recall.

Putting things in your own words and then remembering Cognitive Cueing is being reminded of something from an external cue or phrase Younger children have terrible metamemory but start to appreciate cognitive cueing by age 8.

They have considerable changes in metamemory by ages 11-12.
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