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Week 7 - Conflict Resolution & Test Review

No description

Anne Coulter

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Week 7 - Conflict Resolution & Test Review

Week 7 - Conflict Resolution & Test Review October 24th, 2012 Search for Opportunities Dealing with Conflict Search for Opportunities Exercise Outsight Assertive Communication "I" Statements Taking Space "The work of leaders is change. And all change requires that leaders actively seek ways to make things better, to grow, to innovate, to improve."

- Kouzes & Posner, 2006, p.164 Seize the Initiative Challenge the status quo. "Leaders must always be actively looking for the fuzziest signs and intently listening to the weakest signals to anticipate that there's something new about to emerge over the horizon."

(Kouzes and Posner,2007, p.175) Assertive communication can be defined as a person's attempt to convey his/her needs or wants while considering the needs and wants of other people. 1. Tell the person "I have a problem"
2. Make a non-threatening description of the problem
3. Tell the person how you feel about the problem.
4. Let real;ity be the disciplining agent by asking two questions:
a) If you continue the behavior, will it make our relationship better or worse?
b) Do you want our relationship to get better or worse? Get in Groups of 3 Group 1 - Weeks 1 &2 - Chapters 1&2
Group 2 - Week 3 - Chapters 3&4
Group 3 - Week 4 - Chapters 5
Group 4 - Week 5 - Chapter 6
Group 5 - Weeks 6&7 - Chapter 7 Review Reminders for Next Week Review Testing Procedures
Bring extra supplies of pens
1st half of class will be instruction and visit from Michelle Rao
Test will begin at 2:10 SHARP and go until 3:20pm
You will not be able to leave the class after 3:10pm Agenda for Today Objectives for today
Seizing the Initiative
Exercising Outsight
One definition of conflict resolution
College Testing Regulations
Test Review Objectives: Gain further understanding of the process of searching for opportunities
Learn what it means to seize the initiative and exercise outsight
Demonstrate an understanding of one conflict resolution strategy
Review course materials in preparation for next week's test But challenge with purpose... Negotiation Steps Work through negotiation techniques to compromise and create a workable solution for everyone.
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