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Lilah Campeau

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Photosynthesis

Aim for this lesson
What is your prior knowledge on this topic and
do plants use this process?
A brief overview/ catch up
Photosynthesis and Germination
Let's Get Technical!
carbon dioxide + water
Plants and the Environment
Oxygen is only a
of photosynthesis but it is highly important to animal existence.
Plants remove carbon dioxide from the environment
Natural cooling
Essential parts of many food chains
Vital for the earth

There Are More To Leaves Than First Meets The Eye!
So How Does a Plants Life Begin?
Water, oxygen and warmth
Seed coat: protective outer coating
Embryo: consists of the young root shoot
Food sture: contains starch as food
carbon dioxide enters the plant through the stomata (leaves) or the lenticels (stem).
The water enters the roots
The chlorophyl absorbs light

Who plays which part?
Let's look at the different parts of a typical leaf...
sugar + oxygen
What happens when these conditions aren't quite right?
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