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Amazon Adventures

Business Proposal 3

Mohamed Kader

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Amazon Adventures

Department By
Mohamed Kader Debt Equity 80% 20% Business Entity Partnership 18 partners + external financer
Not many employees
Easy to form Equal split amongst partners Commercial bank loan
Funds for future expansion
Preserve the credit rating External capital 60% 40% Not losing control Debt and Equity
Growth opportunities Internal capital Research & Development By
Kivashni Pather R&D AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Crucial for success

Bigger and Better than competitors

Essential to conduct research Research methods Research methods to be employed:

Focus groups
Face-to-face interviews
Phone and desk research
Social media Turning weaknesses into strengths Research was conducted on competitors; uShaka and Spirit of Adventure.

Common weaknesses were:
Limited services and facilities
Price “Bringing the adventure to you” Build preliminary models of the adventure park.

Operations will use these models to construct the full scale. Operations By Naasir Hoosen Activities Offered Layout General Food Stalls
Reservation system
Just-In-Time (JIT) system
High season during the summer
Low season during the winter
First Aid on premises
Indemnity forms
Emergency Exit
Surveillance of property By
Akiel Misser Marketing Department Hybrid Park
Camp activities + water theme park
Kwadukuza Area AMAZON ADVENTURES CEO Division Innovative, fun, creative and informative
Flexible and dynamic environment
Best service at lowest cost MISSION STATEMENT By
Matthew Preiss Hardware:
Computers and printers
Credit card facilities

Pastel accounting
Star topology for network

Online banking IT Network Give information about Amazon Adventures

Photo gallery of the facilities

Online reservations and purchasing

Contact information for queries

Feedback Amazon Adventures Website Decrease number of security guards

Admin block

Automated technology Camera Surveillance INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
Storage of information

Internet facility:
E-mail (B2B transactions)
Information for business
Inexpensive IT in Human Resource and Research and Development By
Cameron Smith Offer bursaries

Donations to underprivileged settlements Long term initiatives “Grow a Tree ” initiative

Clean-up the beach campaign

Educate the community

Involve students

Underprivileged schools free entrance Initiatives and Activities Restore natural flora and fauna

Actively involve the community

Implement the following initiatives Main Goal: Environmental Responsibility Social
Environmental Areas CSR aims to embrace CSR By
Kamerin Moodley
Various evaluations systems for employees

Improve efficiency

Future expansion Evaluation and Training
Working hand in hand with CSR

Labour laws will be closely adhered to

Prevent discrimination in the workplace How are we recruiting? 20 initial employees will be needed

Unskilled and semi-skilled employees

Co-ordinators (counselors) - highly qualified

IT, auditing and other services to be outsourced Who are we recruiting? Net Present Value Method

Plowback earnings for greater returns

Loss in 1st year

Profitable in 5th month of 2nd year Evaluation Budget Capex= R1 309 850 NWC= R150 000 Human Resources By
Kylen Thaver
Spike in expected money
Initially high amounts of money
Will be high when expansion occur
Research and Development
Provide information from the public Collaboration with other departments Flyers
Social Networking media Advertising Customer Relationships
Understanding the customers
Various prices
Target Market
School groups Marketing Strategy Marketing Mix "Bring the best of your Authentic Self to every opportunity."
- John Jantsch (Author Of Duct Tape Marketing)

We will bring the adventure to you Quote CAPITAL SOURCES CAPITAL STRUCTURE
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