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Using an Encyclopedia

No description

Sharon Matney

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Using an Encyclopedia

Multi-Volume Set Find information on many different people, places, things, and events.

Each book in the set is a volume. Exploring the Encyclopedia! What is it?
An encyclopedia can be one book or a set of books giving information on many subjects.

Who writes it?
Experts. Information is trustworthy.

What can you find inside?
Articles and pictures

Where can I find it?
In the Reference neighborhood What is a Reference Source? Something we "refer" to for information. Single Subject Encyclopedia Covers only one subject like Presidents or space. What an Encyclopedia Article Looks Like How Are Encyclopedias Organized? ABC order

Guide words at the top of each page A Reference Source Using an Encyclopedia ENCYCLOPEDIAS, DICTIONARIES, ALMANACS, ATLASES We don't read these books cover to cover. How do I know if a topic is included?
Look in the Index! All encyclopedia articles are listed there.

Look in the back of the book (single subject encyclopedia).

Look at the last volume (encyclopedia set).
Tells which volume to look in and which page number to turn to. Online Encyclopedias World Book Online Search Tips: Kings & Queens: Listed by FIRST name
Example - Elizabeth, Queen

Other People: Listed by LAST name
Example - Crockett, Davy

All other subjects: Listed by FIRST word
Example - Statue of Liberty
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