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Copy of Teaching Portuguese Language in the United States

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Anete Arslanian

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Teaching Portuguese Language in the United States

Language in
the United States Achievements
and challenges American Organization of Teachers of Portuguese Teaching Portuguese in the United States - curiosities Some achievements in the teaching of Portuguese in the US and some more achievements... Bilingual Portuguese or Dual -Language instruction A few organizations that promote the teaching of Portuguese Who we are? What we do? Quick overview:
5th most spoken language in the world
Official in 8 countries
About 215 million people speak Portuguese
Since 1975 The Portuguese language has grown in non-lusophones countries. Some examples:
US, Japan, China, Canada, Germany, France,
Argentina, England, Holland, Italy, Spain,
among others. There are approximately 250 universities teaching Portuguese

26 American states have Portuguese instruction

Portuguese is the 13th most studied language in the U.S.

Approximately 70 public schools and 162 community schools teach Portuguese Portuguese-English bilingual programs or dual language programs in public schools (elementary to high schools)
How does it work? How successful they are? More associations and foundations have been created to support the teaching of Portuguese in the past 10 years
Brazilian government creates Brasileiros no Mundo
Banco do Brasil creates PAEP
Focus Brasil launches EMEP (Encontro Mundial sobre o Ensino de Português) Portuguese Language in the World AOTP (American Organization of Teachers of Portuguese) - Flórida
ABRACE (Associação Brasileira de Cultura e Educação) - Virginia
IBEC (Instituto Brasil de Educação e Cultura) São Francisco
Movimento Educacionista dos Estados Unidos (sede em vários estados americanos)
Fundação Vamos Falar Português (Flórida)
Projeto Contadores de História – São Francisco
AASP recruiting certified teachers
books and materials that are appropriate to Heritage speakers
standardized curriculum for all levels
offer of programs at the university level preparing teachers
lack of funds to expand or create more courses in schools and universities


More conferences and meetings that discuss the importance of teaching of Portuguese in the world.
A cohesive plan of expanding the existing language programs and creating new ones
Collaboration among the governments of Portuguese speaking countries and countries with a great number of Portuguese speaking immigrants . Desafio

Fundamentalmente, precisamos do apoio do governo brasileiro, organizações privadas e sem fins lucrativos para que todos esses esforços e iniciativas não sejam em vão. Facing some challenges in the way What can we do now? There are more publishers specializing in Portuguese books now compared to 10 years ago
more resources for teachers and students

more and more people are interested in learning Portuguese. Why? About AOTP Portuguese in the Schools A non-profit organization
Created by Florida teachers in 2007
200 members in the US and abroad
Promoter of Portuguese Language in the US
Provider of Professional development and certification process assistance.
Cultural contests
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