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ELA Research Project

No description

Samantha Yu

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of ELA Research Project

Types of Photographers
newspaper photographer
freelancer (i.e. paparazzi)
street photographer
documentary photographer
fashion photographer
wedding photographer
war photographer
aviation photographer
commercial photographer
ELA Research Project
By Samantha Yu

Why are they important?
Work Time
Photographers usually work depending on the times they are needed and when they have to edit. However, f they work for newspapers or for a magazine, they probably work normal office hours.
This job does require some traveling, depending on what type of photographer you are. You would have to travel to whatever event you are covering or for any landscape or place you are photographing
The average photographer makes about $47,465-$67,483 annually. however, they may make more or less depending on the company, their work quality, or their ranking. It also depends on what the photographer specializes in.
Occupation: Photographer
a person who takes photographs, especially as a job.

I would take this job because I enjoy taking pictures. I would also have an excuse to travel to different places. It also seems like a generally easy job to do. I would not only be able to make others happy, but also be happy myself.
Photographers are important because they help to capture important events and moments both in history and in personal lives. They help to capture and basically immortalize important events through pictures
You would be able to express yourself through unique photos. You can capture important moments and immortalize any event through pictures. You can help people to forever remember a special day in their lives.
Chances of Advancement
The chances of advancement are high. especially because technology is constantly evolving and getting better. Photography constantly evolves with it. It seems like every year, technology for photograpghy gets better and better.
Photographers need to know how to use a camera and spot the details they need to capture and focus on. They also need to be open to collaboration and to be able to negotiate with customers. They need to be able to easily work with people and have a flexible work schedule.
The only educational requirement is a high school diploma. A photographer also needs to at least know the basics of using a camera like focus and flash. there are no other major education or trainging requirements needed for this job.
The Future
The future of photography is unknown. There may not even be photography in the future. The possibilities are endless. Better panoramic photos, 3D pictures, and more.
Advantages and Disadvantages
You do not need a college degree, but you also get a very low pay rate. You get to travel to different places, but you have to have a very flexible schedule and many deadlines. You get to make people happy at special events, but you have to work with unpredictable weather if you are working outside.
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