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Elements in Art

No description

ava devaney

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Elements in Art

Elements in Art
Ava Devaney
Georgia Bentrud
Camille Thiros
Steven Kaylor

Art in the Sky
Fireworks are an art display in the sky.
Chemical reaction makes it possible.
Certain elements make the colors.
The Parker 51 Pen
first the tip of the pen was made of Gold
then changed to ruthenium
cost $12.50-$50($100-$400 today)
was once "world's most wanted pen"
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Famous German Philosopher/"Scientist"
used poetry to explain how colors work
compared chemical reactions with marriage
Cadmium (up) and Bismuth (down) can be made in colorful pigments for in minerals or oil paints
Artist, Cheryl Safren, uses the relationship between chemistry and Art directly. Safren uses chemical reactions on metallic surfaces to create images. Safren's paintings interacts with their viewers through the refractive and reflective nature of the chemicals.

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The Disappearing Spoon
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