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PPL Co-Op Experience

No description

Lisa Masucci

on 26 June 2012

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Transcript of PPL Co-Op Experience

Run Meetings Monthly Investigative Report meeting
Land Management Database meetings Additional Achievements Lisa Conley Projects PPL Corporation PPL Services For Fun Personal Summer co-op at PPL Corporation

Business Analyst Information Solutions Department PPL
Overview Supervisor & Coach Sharon Skawski Phil Zimmer - Carrie Ward, Consulting Busns Syst Analyst
- Erik Rander, Director of Shared
Accounting Services
- Heather Adams, Staff Analyst Fin Busns Plng

- Kathleen Heffelfinger, Director of IT
Strategy, Planning & Business Operations
- Mark Woods, Assistant Controller
- Natalie Hawk, Tax Manager
- Steve Hughes, Distribution Engineer Co-op Summer Project
30 second to 3 minutes Co-op Community Day - 40 co-ops
- Allentown Promise Neighborhood
- Boys and Girls Club

- Intro to organization
- Tour by staff
- Painting, mulching, cleaning Jim Miller Dave DeCampli President Electric Utilities President and CEO Joanne Raphael VP External Affairs Investor Relations Director Joe Bergstein Sr. VP Chief Nuclear Officer Tim Rausch Rob Gabbard President EnergyPlus PPL Executives Co-op Activities Committee White Water Rafting Iron Pigs Game Co-op Picnic Community Day Hiking Iron Pigs Game PPL Summer Co-op Responsibilities Software Queries
Month end closing SOX Compliance Scheduled tests for Compliance 10 million customers in the US and UK 19,000 megawats of generating capacity in the US 17 JD Power and Associates awards for customer satisfaction Corporate citizenship Questions? Attend Meetings Quarterly Department Meeting
Mike Johnson Staff Meeting ISD Events Iron Pigs Game Networking Event Dave Walton
Kathleen Heffelfinger
Jim Schinski
Mike Johnson
Rich Cogan End of Summer Day in the Field Informational Interviews Summer Co-op Class 2011

Summer Co-op Class 2010

Summer Co-op Class 2009 105 74 45 Founded 1920 in Allentown, PA Tallest building in Allentown Mascot: Reddy Kilowatt Thank you!
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