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Schindlers List

No description

courtney morash

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Schindlers List

Schindlers List
Whoever saves one life saves the world entire
"He showed a gift for charming the news out of people,especially in a social setting, at the dinner table, over cocktail"
Oskar schidler was a very social man who grew up in the german speaking area of czechoslovakia, was very popular and loving but neglected his wife, he is incially a supporter of the nazi party, agrees to go undercover and help seize poland.
"Stern made his statment'''I have to tell you,sir,that I am a jew.'''well.'' herr schindler growled at him. ''I'm a German. so there we are!"
When germany invaded Poland the jews were treated very badly, they werent alowed to work and there possestions where taken, The Germans plan was to remove all jews, Schindler now working as a business man in Krawkow does not hate the jews and even has people like stern who he views as friends that where jewish business owners. Schindler believes they will help him to run his business.
"then, in the butt end of 1941, oskar found himself under arrest. someone, one of the polish shipping clerks, one of the german technicians in the munitions section, you could'nt tell had denounced him, had gone to Pomorska street and given information."
Schindler was arrested numerous times by the SS, they started to question his activitys going on behind closed doors, but sinse schindler had made a good name for himself and had friends in higher places he was able to be rescued from inprisonment.
"Their lack of shame, as men who had been born of women and had to write letters home(what had they put in them?), wasn't the worst aspect of what he'd seen. He knew they had no shame, since the guard at the base of the column had not felt any need to stop the red child from seeing things."
The girl in the red coat who is clearly visable to schildler watching from the hill side, is being puched along down the streets of Krakow along with the other jews, she stands out though, because of the red coat shes wearing, they watch as shes pushed around all alone, and people being killed and shot all around her and men( Nazi's and SS) watching no she can see too. This represents to me how people from other countrys around the world and the people of Germany could clearly see that what was happening was wrong but they didnt do anything about it.
"You'll be safe working here, if you work here, then you'll live through the war"
The workers at the factory where expecting a lecture from there new employer but instead schilndler was welcoming and kind and without blinking and any introduction told them they'll be safe and dismissed them. The workers jews where daised at the promise but they found themselves beliving him instantly because it didnt leave them with nouthing, it gave them belief and hope, something they all probably felt they would never feel again.
"Oskar would lay special weight on this day, ""beyond this day,"" he would claim, "" no thinking person could fail to see what would happen. I was now resolved to do everything in my power to defeat the system.""
The turning point and climax of oskar schindler is when he finilly faces the reilization that he has to be the one to stand up and say i will not take this pain and suffering im seeing all around me anymore. Oskar resolves to do everything in his own power to defy and defeat the terrible system that has been created by pure evil.

"A figure in a cap prevented her from going out. He appeared on the front step, squinting down the dark corridor to the cold blue light of the courtyard and beyond...he said ""you stay under the stairs.""At last he was back with the others. She heard the boots at the front door. She heard him say in German that he'd searched the ground floor and no one was home."
There was a lot of bad people who did bad things, but sometimes like this time you still see a glisps of humanity left in some people, It was this mans job and comands to find any jews during the Aktion and drag them out and send them to the Belzec concentration camp to be gased, but he regconized the women and he just couldn't bring himself to do it so he made her hidden and reported the house as cleared, which was the same house her daughter was hiding in, that day 7000 jew were sent to Belzec.

"SS untersturmfuhrer named Amon Goeth was on his way from Lublin to bring about that liquidation, and to take command of the resultant forced labor camp at Plaszow"
Goeth is deffenently the villan, he hates the jews and enjoys watching them suffer, the more jews he killed the happier he was, he is about the same age as schindler. He wants schindler and some other factory owners to move there factors closer to his camp, he even takes schindler on a tour, where schindler is disucted by what he sees. Schindler keeps his factory outside the camp and calls Goeth his dark brother.
" He would emearge on the steps of his temporary villa... a pair of binoculars in one hand and a sniper's rifle in the other. he would scan the camp area...with one blast from the doorstep, the man was plucked from the group of pushing and pulling captives and hurled sideways in the road."
Not the typical morning routin but this was for one man,Commandant Goeth, his home (vila) was up above the camp and looked down over it, so he could enjoy ever bit of pain and suffering happening down below him. He would just wake up light a cigirette and just start shooting at random people, if he seen someone slow down for even a quarter of a second he would just shoot them and then probably laugh and carry on and shoot another. Goeths character really shows the coruption of the mind and how someone could be convinced and turn into such an evil monster like Hitler himself.
"among prisoners who knew, there was already competition to get into Emalia. Prisoner Dolek Horowitz, a purchasing officer inside the plaszow camp, knew that he would not be allowed to go to schindlers place himself. But he had a wief and two children.``

Schindler created a sub-camp in his factory called Emalia, which is viewed as a paridise compared to Plaszow, Schindler is able to transfer certain prisoners there. Schindler spend lots of money on buying black market food and is able to prevent several exacutions and try to get Goeth to moderate his brutality.
``You could drink with the devil and adjust the balance of evil over a snifter of cognac``

What came to be none as the schindler mythology which was basicly schindlers way of trading and temping people to do what he wanted, most times he would temp men with vodka and other types of booze, and they would end up doing what he said. Schindlers mythology is probably one of the reasons why Plaszow didnt shut down, which acctully saved many lives.
``Then he said,````they`re burning bodies out there, aren`t they,```` Henry grimaced as if the stench were in the room. ```` they`ve started,```` he admitted.``
It was the eve of schindlers birthday,so this wasnt a very nice thing to find out. Now facing the russian advance, the nazis want to destroy all evidence of their crimes, so they need to get rid of their camps and the people in it, they burn thousands of bodies.
`` For without the evidence of the crematoria, the dead could offer no wittness, were a whisper behind the wind. an inconsequentisl dust on the aspen leaves.``

In the sudden rush to destroy all evidence the SS were ordered to dynamite the chambers and crematoria and to make sure there was no traces of anything left behind. The way they looked at it was that if you couldn`t see it you had nothing to believe and couldnt`t prove anything, the dead cant be witnesses to there own death.
``With the blessing of maurer and section D, he would in a day abloish as many lives as Oskar Schindler was, by wit and reckless spending, harboring in Emalia. Amon named his selection session Die Gesundheitaktion, the Health Action.``
The prisoners where striped of there clothes and had to run back and forth in front of the doctors, and they were basicly running for there lives, if they never ran it would mean they would be killed, the doctors were looking for any signs of weakness or injurys or sickness, its ironic that it was called a Health Action, because they werent doing anything to help the people just pointing them out. That day there was 1400 adults and 268 children selected to be brought to auschwitz extermination camp.
`` He did not seem to see, in his offer to Amon, any parallel with god and satan playing cards for human sould.``
Because of the russians still advancing Emalia and plaszow must be closed down. The men get sent to a cuarry camp and the women sent to Auschwitz. Schindler then moves his factory and works to czechoslovakia. Goeth and shindler make a deal that if he gets apporval that he`ll allow a list of names to be drawn up, which will cost schindler a lot of money. They then end up playing a game of cards where you could say they were playing to win human souls, they were on the line adleast, and schindler wins the poor slave helen who was continuously beaten by goeth.
``Rumors of Oskars plan were heard in the administration building and even in the workshop. There was a Schindler list. It was worth everything to be on it.
Word of Schindlers list got around after he told stern. This list ment everything it ment life and survival for the jews. It represented hope and that there was still something left to believe in. You should always keep faith and never give up, Believe that someone out there is willing to go against societys norms and defeat the sysytem.
``In the midst of Oskar`s negotiations, Amon Goeth was arrested.``
Finally Amon Goeth is arrested on charges of embezzlement. Unaware of how he was acctully caught, it might have been a jealous officer or a concerned citizen who had visited the vila and been shocked by Amons sybaritic style, and the ironic thing is he was not arrested for the killing he did from his balcony or any of those things, the arrest was based on the embezzlements and blackmarket dealings, and that he treated some of his own ss inferiors severely.
``The camp authorities would, in the chaos of those last days, sign any list Goldberg gave them as long as it did not exceed too drastically the 1100 prisoners Oskar had been granted...It is a scene from a cautionary engraving of judgment day.``
This day is refered to the biblical referance of judgment day, so we can imagen what exactly was going on the SS where sorting all the people, as Schindler awaits all of his 1100 people, the men have to endure a long and terrifying train ride and the women are held back in auschwitz for another week. To me this is the climax of the novel because the women are taken to auschwitz again for another sevan weeks or so, constantly in danger of being gased. Schindlers finilly able to get them back by bribary.
```Dont kill yourself on the fence, Clara,``` the women urged her.```If you do that, you`ll never know what happened to you.``` It has always been the most powerful of anwswers to give to an intending suicide. Kill yourself and you`ll never find out how the plot ends.``
Dertermination is a key quality in survival, you need self motivation to push youself past the breaking point so that you will survive. Most jews probably did as this and looked at it in the way that if you kill yourself and just give up you would never no if you could have survived, and adleast try and show the germans that you could win, you could beat them, even if its just you, just one person, you survived, they still lost, they never killed them all.
``As soon as Manci was down there under the carriage, she let out the piercing Rosner whistle she had used on the appellplatz of Plaszow to guid Henry and olek to her. Olek heard it and begain waving. He took Richard`s head and pointed it toward their mothers, peering out between the wheels of the train.
This is a very ironic and sad moment,the children and there fathers are being sent to auschwitz to have experiments done on them, Schindlers not able to stop them, as the women are be put on the train for brinnlitz, two mothers see there sons waveing to them from across the rail yard and showing their mothers the tattoo that they were given, this is a heart breaking moment , it really hits home the fact that it wasnt just people who died, it was mothers and fathers and daugters and sons, familys where ripped appart and never able to see eachother again, shows the pure evil behind everything.
``For Oskar and Sussmuth connived over the winter of 1944-1945 to get a futher 3000 women out of Auschwitz in groups of 300 to 500 at a time into small camps in moravia.``
The first word that comes to my mind when I think of Oskar Schindler is Hero, he put all of these people that he mostly dosnt even no before himself, he is willing to die for these people, and because of him thousands of people are saved. Oskar accomplished his task of defeating the system, even if it had only been just one life, he did what the germans thought no one to do, he beat them and saved thousands of jews from being killed, Schindler is a true hero.
``It was clear now he had no power at all...when you saw Goeth...you saw death.``
Good verses Evil is always what it comes down to, but the funny thing is over and over again trought-out history this is a constant battle and what people for some reason have not learned is that good always wins, even if they get hurt and pushed around and things are not looking that bright at some times, they always come back and always have society and morals and right over wrong on there side, so they will always win.
`` As Oskar and Emilie moved toward their apartment to pack, prisoners waylaid them. Licht`s ring was presented. Oskar spent some time admiring it, he showed the inscription to emilie and asked stern for a translation.``
Finilly Germany surrenders, Schindler gives a speech to the prisoners and SS guards, urrging resistence on both sides. After his speech the prisoners gave him a ring incraved with the words, ``He who saves one life saves the world.``The prisoners are very greatfull to schindler and probably they feel they own there lives to him. In the end after Schindler and emilie leave, Brinnlitz is liberated by a single russian soilder who rode in on a singal pony.
Intended Audience
I believe the Intended Audience is anyone adleast in senior high to maybe young and older adults, This is really hard read and I dont think younger people would understand it as well and apriciate it mean and themes as someone who is older.
The End
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