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Boar's Head Master Plan

UVAF Staff Retreat presentation on 24 January 2014

Annette Tamblyn

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Boar's Head Master Plan

Boar's Head
2014 Master Plan

Office Building Development
Study the development of new, more efficient office buildings.
Review access, parking and circulation.
Professional Center Addition
UVA Tennis Stadium
UVA Golf Indoor Hitting Facility
Birdwood Mansion Options
Boar's Head Pedestrian &Traffic Improvements
Boar's Head Room Expansion

Natural Area Recreation, Trail System
and Long-Term Use Options

UVA Golf Indoor Hitting Facility
Plan for all-weather heated driving bays including video, meeting rooms and offices.
Study location and programming of new Varsity Tennis Stadium
Plan for total of 12 new courts.
Include stadium court with bleachers.
Leverages existing sports club facilities.
UVA Golf Indoor Hitting Facility
Natural Area Development may include:
Trail Systems
Recreational Areas
Mountain Biking
Consideration of future uses
Boar's Head Pedestrian
& Traffic Improvements
Expansion of the Hotel Facilities
Study potential addition of new guest rooms
Study arrival and lobby areas
Analyze existing vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns.
Establish clear connections between uses.
Improve property-wide arrival sequences.

UVA Tennis Stadium

Birdwood Mansion Development
Expanded Property Services
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