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The Forbidden Kingdom

No description

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of The Forbidden Kingdom

The Forbidden Kingdom
Crossing the Threshold
Once Jason hits the ground he awakens with the staff in a new land that might be ancient China.
Jason is awakened in a village under attack by soldiers. The soldiers see his staff and try to take it from him. He is saved by Lui Yan, a drunk traveling scholar.
“the Warrior” archetype.
Refusal of the Call
Lui brings him to a teahouse and tells him the story of a centuries old battle between the Monkey King and Jade Warlord. Lu tells him he is the “seeker of the staff” and must return the staff.
After Jason finds out he must return the staff to the Monkey King, he refuses to free the Monkey King and wants to go home.
Acceptance of the Call
Jason then realizes the only way to get home is to return the staff to the Monkey King, who has been trapped in stone by the Jade Warlord. Jason and Lui Yan's conversation was interrupted when Jade soldiers invaded the teahouse. They leave the teahouse chased by the soldiers.
Jason and Lui are aided by Golden Sparrow, a young girl whose family was murdered by the Jade Warlord, who would be considered “the Lost Soul”. She joins them on their journey and all decide to stay the night in the forest.
Jason begans to gain a crush on her.
Meeting the Mentors
Jason wakes up alone wondering where Lu and Sparrow are at. He notices a man disguised in white on a white horse. The man in white chases him as he runs and takes the golden staff from him. Lu and Sparrow get back and ask what happened, and look for the man in white. They find him resting in a temple. The Silent Monk and Lui have a fight for the staff. After, they figure out he’s a monk whose goal is to find the seeker of the staff, but he eventually finds out it is Jason. The Silent Monk decides to help the group on their journey.
"the Professor"
The Call to Adventure
Jason Tripitikas, was a normal teenager from South Boston who is a kung-fu fanatic.
"the Best Friend" hero archetype (Before)
He frequently visits an old thrift store in Chinatown run by an old man named Hop who would be considered the. He notices a golden staff, which he remembers dreaming about. After leaving the old thrift store, Jason gets in trouble with some thugs and forces him to be involved in robbing the old thrift store. During the robbery, Hop, the elderly owner, gets shot by Lupo, the leader of the thugs. The owner sends Jason on a quest to return the golden staff to the rightful owner and chased by the thugs, then falls off a building.
He awakens in a new world which could be ancient China
The Silent
Meeting the Mentor
Lu and the Silent Monk both teach Jason kung-fu along the way, which will help Jason defeat the Jade Warlord.
The Road of Trials
As Jason and his friends are traveling to Five Elements Mountain to free the Monkey King, the Jade Warlord finds out about the staff and sends a bounty hunter. That’s when the group meets the group meets the White Witch, who would be considered “the Tyrant” villain archetype. She wants the staff to bring to the Jade Warlord and will be rewarded the elixir of immortality. She then tries to tempt Jason into handing over the staff. She tells Jason if he gives up the staff she can assure him safe return back home, but he refuses the offer to go back home. Jason knows that he is the “seeker of the staff” and his fate is to free the Monkey King, so he must complete his journey. The White Witch then orders the Jade army to kill them all for the staff. While fighting against the Jade army, Jason realizes that he know kung-fu and can now fight.
Road of Trials
The White Witch
“the Tyrant” villain archetype
The Magic flight
Jason and his group began to retreat on their horse, because there were to many of the Jade army soldiers. The White Witch doesn’t try to chase the group, but instead shoots an arrow into the sky. Jason realizes that Lu has stopped and asks if something is wrong, suddenly Lu falls off his horse with an arrow in his back.
Rescue from Without
They get help from a village full of monks and put Lu into a dojo to rest and get better. Jason afraid that Lu is going to die, Lu admits that he isn’t immortal to Jason. The only way to save Lu is the elixir of immortality held by the Jade Warlord. Jason requests to go fight the Jade army for the elixir that night, but the Silent Monk denies it and says they will leave in two nights when it is dark. Jason disobeys the Silent Monk and leaves to the Jade Empire on his horse with the staff to save Lu Yan’s life before he dies. Minutes later, the Silent Monk notices the staff is gone when he checks up on Lu and Jason has left alone.
The Supreme Ordeal
Since the Jade Warlord already promised it to the White Witch, so Jason and her must fight for the elixir. Jason loses the battle and the Jade Warlord orders his soldiers to execute him, but is saved by the Silent Monk, Golden Sparrow, and the monks from the village. While the Silent Monk distracts the Jade Warlord, Sparrow distracts the White Witch, and the monks distract the soldiers, Jason gets ahold of the elixir and tosses it back. The elixir lands in the hand of Lu Yan who is carried by the monks. Lu is revived and becomes immortal after drinking the elixir.
The Resurrection
The Silent Monk tries to resurrect the Monkey King, but the Jade Warlord won’t let him. The Jade Warlord stabs and cuts the Silent Monk and the Monk throws the staff to Jason. Jason uses the staff to resurrect the Monkey King from being trapped in stone for 500 years. The Silent Monk lays down in front of the Monkey King, then suddenly turns into a piece of hair of the Monkey King. At that moment that’s when Jason figures out the Silent Monk was just one of the Monkey King’s clones. The Monkey King began to get his revenge on the Jade Warlord.
"the Charmer"
Failed Hero
As they are fighting Sparrow wanted to get her revenge on the Jade Warlord, she throws a poisonous dart that can kill any immortal, at the Warlord. He counter attacks her with his chi magic, which slowly kills her. She would be known as the failed hero, who wasn’t successful at killing the Jade Warlord.
Jason got Golden Sparrow’s poisonous dart and struck it into Jade Warlord’s stomach, and watches him die slowly. Finally, the Jade Warlord died falling into a pit of lava.
The Reward
After, the Jade Emperor and his wife, who would be considered a goddess, returned and granted Jason anything he would want. Jason wanted Golden Sparrow back to life, but there was nothing the Emperor could do. Next day, Jason said goodbye and he would never forget them. The Monkey King thanked Jason for rescuing him. Jason then went through the gate and fell off the rooftop.
Crossing the Return Threshold
Jason woke up in an alley, where Lupo and the thugs found him. Lupo pushed him against the wall telling Jason he better he better stay quiet about the shooting and robbery. Lupo constantly beat Jason until he couldn’t get up. Finally, Jason slowly got up to defend himself. He beat Lupo and scared the other thugs off.
The Return
Later, that night, he found Hop going into an ambulance. Realizing Hop was going to live and letting him know he returned the staff. As Jason walks away, he notices a girl in the crowd around the ambulance who looked exactly like Golden Sparrow. She asks if Hop was going to be okay and tells Jason he was very brave. They said bye to each other, and she left into a shop called the Golden Sparrow”, that she works at. After, Jason began to practice his kung-fu and became a changed man.
"The Warrior"
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