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The Life Of Theresa Caputo

No description

Hannah Kocar

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of The Life Of Theresa Caputo

The Life Of Theresa Caputo
Early Life
Theresa Caputo was born and raised in Hicksville, New York. She has one brother named Michael. She was raised Roman Catholic. Her family was very close. They spent much of their free time with her Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents. Theresa was on a traveling soccer team and the local bowling league. She started seeing spirit at the age of four and didn't know what to think. She was frightened and confused. Every night she would have night terrors and be screaming in her sleep. When her parents would come in her room she would wake up but could not remember any of it.
Early Adulthood
Theresa thought about being a hairdresser or a legal secretary but did not want to leave her home to do this because she would be leaving her comfort zone. She was working at a local oil company part time when she met her future husband Larry Caputo. They married when she was 22 years old. Larry learned quickly about Theresa's anxiety. She would wake up screaming and crying for help. She was smoking cigarettes to help deal with everything but stopped both times she was pregnant with her children. She finally made the decision to quit permanently after becoming very ill December of 1999. Theresa told her Mom that God was making her stop and with that she hasn't touched a cigarette in 13 years.
Where She Is Now
Theresa and her Husband Larry still live in New York with their children, Larry Jr. & Victoria. She now accepts her gift. She believes that it is not her talent, it is her life. She doesn't believe she is better than any other medium, just that every medium has a different way to connecting to spirit. She has a high rated TV show and now tours all over the world to deliver her messages.
Theresa Caputo likes to consider herself as a regular person, a regular wife and a regular Mom. But there's something different about her that's been with her since she was four years old. She can speak to the dead. Here are some things not just about her gift, but her life.
Teen Years
Therasa had to go to many therapists and psychologists. She knew something was wrong but every time she went to discuss her experiences with someone, they would tell her nothing was wrong. She had
she was claustrophobic and she had a mile long list of phobias. She could be in public and have a panic attack and she couldn't do anything about it.

When her Grandma (Nanny) died Theresa was able to connect with her. This made her feel better to know her Grandma was doing fine. Her father lives right next door in the house Theresa grew up in. Her husband had a brain tumor and because of that had serious nerve damage. Larry accepts Theresa's gift and supports what she does. When Larry was a child he used to see his Grandma standing at the foot of his bed and thought it was his imagination but Theresa told him that it was her checking up on him. Her Son Larry Jr. (age 23) and Victoria (age 19) have also been great supporters of her. They have never questioned or doubted their Mother's gift.
I chose Theresa Caputo because she is an inspiration to me. She brings peace and closure to families who have lost someone close to them. She is such an amazing person and her gift is life changing. The spirits that visit her tell her things no one would have ever known. These are
to show that Theresa connected with their loved one. Sometimes this is all a person needs to feel comfort and peace about a loved ones passing.
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