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Minnesota Road Trip

Mr.Moe's 8th Grade Geography Class

Elise Tangquist

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Minnesota Road Trip

Giants Ridge Golf and Ski Resort -Located in Bibiwak MN
-One of the best resorts in the Country
-It would be fun to go to because there is things to do in every season! Wild Mountain Waterpark -It also has an Alpine Slide and Go-Karts
-Located 7 miles north of Taylor Falls MN
-Tickets Cost from 4 dollars to 80 dollars
depending on what you are planning on doing
-It would be fun to go to because who doesn't
love Waterslides?
-Metro Area Hot Air Balloon Rides -Located in Clarissa MN
-It would be fun to do because its something many people don't ever do!
-Not recommended if you are afraid of heights!
-Central Minnesota Minnesota Road Trip
Mr. Moe's 8th Grade Geography Class Minnesota History Center
---------------------------- -Located in St. Paul
-Metro Area
-Exhibit Hours, 10am to 8pm Tuesdays, 10am to 5pm Wednesday thorough Saturday, and Closed Mondays
-Admission, $11-Adults, $9 (65 years and older), $9 College Students, $6 Kids ages 6-17, and free for kids 5 and under
-I think everyone should visit because it is good to learn about our history so that it will never be repeated Minnesota Skydiving Located in Waseca MN -Tandem Skydiving, $200 to $250, when you Tandem, your training course usually takes 20 minutes, its easier because your guide is with your the whole time and pulls your parachute for you and that makes it less stressful
-Accelerated Freefall, $300 to $450, this training course takes 8 hours and in the end you have to do everything yourself...including landing and popping your parachute
-Skydiving is expensive...but definately worthwhile Thanks for coming with me on my
Minnesota Road Trip!!!!!!!!!!!!
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