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Zach's Lie

No description

Emily Brahm

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of Zach's Lie

Jack Osborne is the main character of this story. He has to change his name to Zach Granger. Zach is tall, with brown eyes and brown hair and and a friendly personality. When Zach, his sister, and mom move to Elko, he meets Catalin, who Zach likes. Zach doesn't make many friends, he makes more enemies. Zach is the protagonist.
Catalin Cristobal, A.K.A Cat, is a girl who Zach becomes close to while he is in Elko. Catalin stands up for Zach on the first day of school when he is bullied. Her family owns the Nugget Casino, where she sees Zach when he was there for dinner. Catalin has long black hair and makes friends very easily. She helps Zach a lot throughout the story without knowing much about why he acts so weird.
Sam Sebesta is the custodian at Zach's school. Zach thinks he is rather strange at first because he has Zach hit a punching bag when he's angry. Sam is actually a very generous person. He helps get Zach out of trouble. Sam is in his mid-sixties with gray hair. He is also built like someone who would lift weights every day. Sam is actually in really good shape for his age. Zach finds out Sam is actually a very nice guy.
Peter Short is a major antagonist in this story. He first picks a fight with Zach on the first day of school. Then, the men that did illegal work with Mr.Osborne tempt Peter with money. His job: find the Osbornes/Grangers and report back to them. The men's names are Alonzo, Berry, and Paul. Peter steals Zach's journal from him, reads it, and reports everything he knows to Alonzo. Peter Short is a rude person, who only cares about money and himself.
Joanne Osborne is Zach's sister. She changes her name to Wanda. She is older than Zach and somewhat bossy. Wanda and Mrs. Granger both dyed their hair blond when they joined the Witness Security Program. She is very upset about the move and the reason behind why had to.
Mrs.Osborne is Zach's mom. She became Mrs. Granger. She is more worried about Zach and Wanda's safety rather than the move to Elko. She, like Wanda, dyed her hair blond to keep their true identity a secret.
Mr.Osborne is Zach's dad. He's the main reason the Grangers had to move to Elko. He was caught flying a drug cartel. He is now in jail. He never moved to Elko with his wife, son, and daughter. Mr.Osborne actually seems nice, he deeply regrets the decesions he made. Zach's Lie Prezi by: Matt, Sean, Emily and Sophie Zach Granger By: Roland Smith Zach's Journal Opinions/Recommendations Emily- "I thought Zach's Lie was very interesting. It was a really exciting story. I always wanted to read ahead to see what would become of Zach. I'm glad nothing bad happened to Zach or his family. I would definetely read any sequels to this book. My favorite part was the ending. I would recommend this book to anyone." Book By: Roland Smith Matt- Sean- "I liked the exciting/thrilling ending. I would love to read the sequel. It was a little boring at the start, but it deosn"t take long for it to get exciting. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a thrilling story." Overall- Zach used a Jack-in-the-Box
to keep his journals hidden. Zach kept several journals about his life once he
had to move to Elko. The journals got him and his family into a lot of danger he never would've expected. Zach and his family had to become part of the Witness Security Program in order to be safe from the people who had worked with Zach's dad with the drugs. Extra Pictures!! Sophie: "I really liked Zach's Lie. Sometimes you get annoyed when the characters don't tell the truth, but overall, I loved this book. I would definetely read the sequels to Zach's Lie. It was hard to put the book down sometimes! I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a thrilling story." Summary In the story Zach's Lie by Roland Smith , Zach, the main character, faces many decisions that lead to lies. Zach's birth name is Jack, but since his dad was accused of leading a drug cartel, Zach/Jack's family have been led to danger. His sister and mom both have to change their names as well as Zach. Zach goes to Elko Middle School and meets Catalin Cristobal, a girl he really starts to like. Sam, the custodian, seems weird, but actually helps Zach get out of danger. Peter Short, a mean 8th grader, steals the journals Zach keeps on his life. Zach is afraid someone will find out he is actually Jack Osborne or that he is part of the Witness Security Program. Catalin is confused why Zach acts so strange but just goes with it. What happens at the end is suprising. It does have a happy ending. This book is full of thrills, excitement, and most importantly lies. Vocabulary BILLOWING: fill with air and swell outward; move or fly outward with an undulating motion sentence in book: There was so much dust billowing out the door, Zach was afraid someone might mistake it for smoke and call the fire department.
The theme of this novel is family loyalty, friendship, first romance, abandonment, change, trust, and also, truth.The theme is family loyalty because even though in this story, Zach's father lied and betrayed his family, his family (more so Zach) is still trusting him.The theme is friendship and love when Zach's friend Catalin helps him.The theme is about change because Zach's eyes, name, house, and school had all changed. The theme is trust because Zach's true identity CANNOT be spoken to anyone, so in this story, he needs to decide who to trust and who he shouldn't trust Last, the theme in the story is truth because everything about him is a lie. When will Zach start living the truth again? The setting is mainly in a small town up in the mountains called Elko, Nevada. Elko lays at the bottom of the ragged Nevada mountains. Zach doesn't really like the mountains there...until he meets Catalin and goes up to the mountains with Catalin's grandpa. The population of Elko is not very big so "Everyone knows Everything about Everybody." This is a picture we found
that seemed like it went really
well with what the book's about- Zach's Lie. SLUDGE: thick, soft, wet mud or a similar viscous mixture of liquid and solid components sentence in book: The drain got plugged with sludge twice, but he managed to clear it. BANTER: the playful and friendly exchange of remarks sentence in book: Sam joined in the friendly banter. AUTHENTIC: of undisputed origin; genuine; true; real; veritable; original sentence in book: "You'll have a Basque dinner", Catalin said," but this time it will be authentic." PROPOSITION: a statement or assertment that expresses a judgement or opinion sentence in book: "I wanted to make you boys a proposition." Theme-Sean DIMINISH: make or become less; decrease; reduce; lessen OVATION: a sustained show of appreciation from an audience sentence in book: Then everyone got up and gave Wanda a standing ovation. -Emily -Emily Setting -Sean and Matt sentence in book: Still sweating after his shower, Zach willed his numb legs down the hallway to his homeroom, but his discomfort did not diminish his contentement. -Sophie "We all really enjoyed this book. We recommend this book to anyone. It tells a realistic story about a boy our age. We could easily relate to Zach's experience. Anyone would enjoy a novel like this. We think you would really like Zach's Lie by Roland Smith." "I thought Zach's Lie was a good book. There was a lot of unexpected twists and turns. The part I liked the most was the ending. I would recommend this book to someone that likes a thrilling story." Passages -Matt 1: "If you take the 'v' out of lives, what do you get?" (page 63)
This passage (said by Zach) was chosen because it shows how living life as a lie affected Zach. 2: "Everyone knows Everything about Everybody." (page 102)
This passage (said by Zach's friend Darrell) was selected because it shows how small the town is and that the "Grangers" really have to watch what they say about their true identities. This gets Zach into some trouble at the end of the book. 3: "Every day this continues we are in greater danger. You must find out where the family is." (page 76)
This passage (said by Alonzo, one of the criminals) was picked because it sets the whole reason why the "Granger" family had to go under Witness Protection Program. Main Characters These journals play an important part in this story. Without it, Zach wouldn't have gotten in as much trouble as he did. -Emily
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