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Jeans and Jeffreys Tidal Hypothesis

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Shihab Sandeep

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of Jeans and Jeffreys Tidal Hypothesis

Jeans and Jeffreys Tidal Hypothesis
by Roll No.18-27

The Tidal Hypothesis
1)It explained the origin of the solar system as a result of a close encounter between the Sun and a second star.

2)As a result of a detailed mathematical analysis, Jeans concluded in 1916 that the tidal interaction between the Sun and a passing star would raise tides on the Sun resulting in the loss of a single cigar-shaped filament of hot gas. This hot gas would then condense directly into the planets instead of going through a planetesimal stage. The central section of the "cigar" would give rise to the largest planets – Jupiter and Saturn – while the tapering ends would provide the substance for the smaller worlds. 

Some Fun Facts...
Fact #1-According to the tidal theory the earth developed a liquid core soon after its gaseous origin. The earth is supposed to have cooled from the expansion of the gases and radiation of heat from the outer crust.

Fact #2-Many scientists such as Galileo and Newton had supported this theory.

Fact #3-Jeffreys wrote to Gutenberg in 1951 that his tidal theory that was propounded in ' 1929 was quite wrong in some places and needed modification.

Who were Jeans and Jeffreys?
Here we go!
What are we learning today?
1)Who were Jeans and Jeffreys?
2)The Tidal Hypothesis
3)Fun Facts
Prasana- Fun Facts
Prateek- Who were Jeans and Jeffreys?
Rylan & Samuel- Tidal Hypothesis
Sandeep- Compilation
Sanjay- Presentation
Tijin- Quiz
Vasudev- Presentation
Yash Gur- Presentation
Yash Manwani- Pictures
Sir James Hopwood Jeans
1)Sir James Hopwood Jeans  (11 September 1877 – 16 September 1946) was an English physicist, astronomer and 

2)He made multiple contributions in many areas of physics, including quantum theory, theory of radiation and stellar evolution.

Sir Harold Jeffreys
1)Sir Harold Jeffreys(22 April 1891 – 18 March 1989) was an English mathematician, statistician, geophysicist, and astronomer. His book Theory of Probability, which first appeared in 1939, played an important role in the revival of the Bayesian view of probability.

This is how The Hypothesis might have looked
The Return of Kahoot!
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