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To Kill A Mockingbird- Fear and Violence

No description

Vanessa Niccals

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of To Kill A Mockingbird- Fear and Violence

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD By: Harper Lee FEAR AND VIOLENCE What Harper Lee is portraying with this topic Fear and violence allows people to act differently from who they really are Focusing on the major scenes in the novel, and exploring each content thoroughly One Two Three Scout, Jem and Dill's entrance into the Radley household The arrival and shooting of Tim Johnson Bob Ewell's attack on the children, and the reveal of Boo Radley THE 3 MAJOR SCENES CLICK HERE
http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=350217&no=31&weekday=tue How did you feel about that story? Did you notice any fear? Did YOU feel scared? Scout, Jem and Dill's entrance into the Radley household Characters Setting Conflict Plot Scout Jem Dill Nathan Radley Dark night The backyard of the Radley house Character vs Character Nathan Radley spots something ( or someone) and retrieves his gun, ready to shoot The noise heard in the backyard provokes Nathan Radley to use a dangerous weapon. If he caught or shot the children, it would've changed the outcome of the story completely Connection to Fear and Violence Fear Scout gets scared when the idea of going to the Radley house is pitched
The children get frightened when they believe they saw Boo Radley, when they see a figure move inside the house
Jem's pants get caught on the fence as they away from the house Violence No violence, but close signs
If Nathan Radley had shot either one of the kids, that would have been an important violence scene The arrival and shooting of Tim Johnson Characters Scout Jem Tim Johnson Sheriff Heck Tate Atticus Calpurnia Setting Outside the Finch Household
In front of the Radley's house
Mid- afternoon Conflict Character vs Character Calpurnia being frightened by the dog, calls and warns the entire neighbourhood about the incoming of the dying animal Chapter 10, page 50: "Miss Eula May- now ma'am, I'm through talkin' to Mr. Finch, please don't connect me no more- listen, Miss Eula May, can you call Miss Rachel and Miss Stephanie Crawford and whoever's got a phone on this street and tell 'em a mad dog's coming'? Please ma'am!" Conflict 2: Character vs Character Atticus and Heck Tate bicker about the person going to shoot the dying animal Chapter 10, page 52: "Take him, Mr. Finch." Mr. Tate handed the rifle to Atticus; Jem and I nerly fainted.
"Don't waste time Heck," said Atticus. "Go On."
"Mr. Finch, this is a one-shot job."
Atticus shook his head vehemently: Don't just stand there Heck! He won't wait here all day for you-"
"For God's sake, Mr. Finch, look where he is! He won't wait all day for you-"
"For God's sake Mr. Finch, look where he is! Miss and you'll go straight into the Radley house! I can't shoot well, and you know it!"
"I haven't shot a gun in thirty years-"
Mr. Tate almost threw the rifle at Atticus. "I'd feel mighty comfortable if you did now," he said. Plot This scene allows the kids to think differently of their father Atticus. They are able to see what Atticus is capable of doing, other than being a lawyer Jem became vaguely articulate: "'d you see him Scout? 'd you see him just standin' there?... 'n' all of a sudden he just relaxed all over, an' it looked like that gun was a part of him... an' he did it so quick like... I hafta aim for ten minutes 'fore I can hit somethin'..." Connection to Fear and Violence Fear The thought of the dog having rabbies, and possibly biting the citizens of Maycomb Country, brings a frightening mood to the neighbourhood Violence Used as protection to save themselves
The only way to get rid of the dog was to let it die
A gun was used to end the dog's life, and protect the neighbourhood Bob Ewell's attack on the children, and the reveal of Boo Radley Characters Scout Jem Bob Ewell Boo Radley Setting Halloween Dark night Conflict Character vs Character Bob Ewell attacks Jem and Scout, as revenge to Atticus for what he did in the trial Plot Climax
Multiple things are revealed in this specific scene
The children's lives are at risk, which puts the resolution of the story "at risk"
Boo Radley is finally revealled; makes a lt of cameos throughout the book, but shows himself in this scene Fear and Violence connections Fear Scout and Jem's lives were at stake because of Bob Ewell's surprise attack
Scout shouts out for Jem, but does not recieve a response from him
Boo Radley's entrace to stab Bob, and carry Jem home Violence Used as defense when Boo killed Bob in order to save the children
Other use of violence: revenge
When Bob Ewell attacked the Finch children in order to get back at Atticus Forgive and forget
It's just a memory
It won't get me very far this time
Is what I've done to you unforgivable?
Silence fills the room and I get the message.
The emptiness is all that's left this time.
Is what I meant to you that forgettable?

Better than
Better than me, of course.
You're always right.
You're always on the ball.
Better than
Better than everything
I've done for you, 'cause now you can finally sleep.
Can you smile too?

I took it as a threat
You meant it as the doctrine
Of everything that was and would become.
I don't have to ask, you don't miss me at all.
You made it so obvious
When you slowly walked away
And then I prayed in vain.
I would've traded everything, even just for a taste
I'll live with the loneliness, but never forget
I was your best bet

Better than
Better than me, of course
You're always right
You're always on the ball.
Better than
Better than everything
I've done for you, 'cause now you can finally sleep.
Can you smile too?
Now you can sleep, can you smile too?
Can you smile now that I'm gone Conflict 2: Character vs Character In order to save the children, Boo Radley stabbed Bob Ewell Chapter 6, page 29: Jem leaped off the porch and galloped towards us. He flung open the gate, danced Dill and me through, and shooed us between two rows of swishing collards. Halfway through the collards, I tripped; as I tripped the roar of a shotgun shattered the neighborhood. Chapter 22, page 115: "...this morning, Mr. Bob Ewell stopped Atticus on the post office corner, spat in his face, and told him he'd get him if it took the rest of his life." By a tree
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