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History Italian unification project

No description

alex martin

on 8 April 2010

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Transcript of History Italian unification project

Italian Unification
Under Nationalism Why Did Italy Unite Under Nationalism? Congress of Vienna Was a conference of ambassadors of European states that were chaired by K lemans Wenzel
It was called by all of the kings of Europe after Napoleon was exiled they meat to decide how to redistribute the land that he had once conquered.
The Kings wanted to ensure that the land was only ruled by royal power The Congress of Vienna placed Italian states under a Christian rule What is Nationalism? Nationalism is a feeling of beoning and loyalty that causes people to think of themselves as a nation. Italian Nationalistic Leaders Mazzini “Soul of Nationalism” Garibaldi “The Sword” He was the first to give cultural definition of nationalism He was also a statesmen and a great fighter He was the revolutionary of Risorgimento, he spread his ideas of social reform to the people. Considered a dreamer by some, he inspired a new idea of Italian nationalism in the minds of people He was a Italian military figure and political figure. The most popular military hero and popular hero of the age of Italian unification His most famous conquests of Naples and Sicily which lead to the formation of the Italian state. Where and When did It Happen? It happened in Italy and rome, it was divided into nine states after the Congress of Vienna France was protecting Rome for the pope and they had to withdraw therefore Italian state troops took over Rome again which united Italy.

While the Congress of Vienna and the people Mazzini and Garibaldi all lived in the 19th Century, the fight for a unified Italy extended through the conclusion of WWII. They lost the war, but the resulting condition unified the nation. Bibliography Bibliography http://www.iun.edu/~hisdcl/h114_2002/italianunification.htm
Conclusion The Congress of Vienna was the start to the unification of Italy, they decided what to do with all the land that was left over from Napoleon. Then when Mazzini brought around the idea of Nationalism and it caught on it was a driving force behind the unification. Anyone who was not for Nationalism and the ideas behind it was conquered and forced to be ruled under it. In conclusion nationalism was the idea that unified Italy.

So, the big question is, how does all of this information link to the concept of Nationalism? Well, here it is [drum role please...] The influence, leadership and ideals provided by the Congress of Vienna, Mazzini and Garibaldi. Mazzini understood the concept of Nationalism extremely well. Thus, he knew the key to Italy becoming a united nation would be for it to unite under the same ideals and the same leader. "Nationality depends for its very existance upon its sacredness within its own borders. (Mazzini)" At the same time, Garibaldi was a fantastic military leader and politician, providing the perfect figurehead for the Nationalistic "Revolution." The Congress of Vienna put in its contribution, helping to settle the dispute over the ownership of property from the Napoleonic Wars. END
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