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MHG Tours Through Scotland

by madison graves mr.maynard/franklins grade 6 class

madison graves

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of MHG Tours Through Scotland

Double click anywhere & add an idea MHG Tours Through Scotland by madison graves Mr.Maynard Grade 6 CLass MHG Do you want to go on a 1 week 7 day 6 night guided tour through Scotland? If you do go with MHG guided tours because you could see all of these things. From castle`s to zoo`s from museums to art galleries. Scotland has a large number of quality tour attractions. Whether touring the country or sight seeing Scotland is the perfect place for you to visit. Day Plan Day 1 We will go for a thrilling walk through the Majestic Mountains. Day 2 We will go to the church of Scotland and the church is letting us sleep in the basement. So that being said make sure you bring a sleeping bag. Pillows will be provided by the church. Day 3 We will go for a walk around the streets of Edinburgh to ivestigate,music and Scottish culture. Along the way their are many walk in house museums from pioneer days that we will go look at.
Day 4 We will go to the Edinburgh international Festival. Fun Fact: The Festival was established over 50 years ago. Day 5 We will go to the Edinburgh zoo it is the largest wildlife attraction in Scotland Day 6 We will go see the Edinburgh castle, The most famous of Scottish Castles. Built in the 12 century and add on`s all the way to the 16th century. Day 7 We will go for a walk through the Cambo Gardens. Then your guided tour with MHG tours will be over. Things to bring: -Long Pants




-Rain Repelant Clothes


Other -Sealed Water/Water Bottles

-Sleeping bag

-Snacks ex. Granola bars MHG Guided Tours We would like it very much if you or your family or friends could join use on this spectacular journey through Scotland. The overall cost is very low we will ask for 5,000 dollars we will supply a place to sleep at night and fun things to do that will open your eyes, and bring the person you went with closer to you. We will thank the people that choose to go with MHG Guided Tours Through Scotland. The people that don`t choose to go with us we hope you find something tha tsparks your interest or suits you more. plus food is not included but every
were we will go their will be a place
to get food or a drink.
Castle Stalker Scotland
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