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South Aferica

No description

Ryan Green

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of South Aferica

South Africa
Getting There Where I Plan to Stay Things to do Currency
Exchange f aasasdasd When July 4- July 12 Im going to fly Out of Windsor, ON on July 4 and landing in Cape Town, SA. The flight will cost $3493.63 There will be a stop in Toronto, ON and London, Eng on the way. The return flight will be out of
Cape town on July 12. I will watch four Fifa World Cup games ( the two semi finals the 3/4 place game and the finals). The first game I watch is on
July 6 at 8:30 pm in Cape Town The second game in on July 7
at 8:30 pm in Durban The thrid game is on July 10 at
8:30 pm in Nelson Mandela Bay The final game is on July 11 at
8:30 pm in Johannesburg Go on safari I will stay in the holiday inn in cape town,SA For ever Canadian dollar
I will get about 7.35 South Africa rands then at The Royal Hotel in Durban,SA, at the Kings Hotel & Apartments
in Port Elizabeth,SA, Finaly i will stay at the The Westcliff Hotel
in Johannesburg,SA
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