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EDU 625

No description

Gwen Merrill

on 14 July 2013

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Transcript of EDU 625

Make a list of all the characters that have been presented. Rank them in order of importance in your opinion (#1 being most important), give evidence, cite examples, and provide quotes explaining your rank. Label each character a "problem solver" or "problem causer."
Are the characters in the book real?
Yes, Richard Preston did not make-up any of the characters. Occasionally, he changed names to protect identities, but the book is nonfiction. Preston spent quite a bit of time interviewing the characters and cross referencing their stories.
Lieutenant Colonel NANCY JAAX
Married to Jerry Jaax
Veterinarian at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) which focuses on medical defense.
Life-long dream was to work with hot agents in Biosafety Level 4
Specialized in pathology on the Ebola Project
Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Jaax
He and Nancy Jaax have 2 children, Jaime and Jason
Head of the veterinarian unit at USAMRIID
Worked alongside his wife
Led the mission and biohazard operation in Reston, Virginia

Eugene "Gene" Johnson
A civilian biohazard expert who ran the Ebola research project at USAMRIID
Known as an "Ebola Hunter"
Nancy Jaax's boss
Has a deep respect and fear of viruses and hot agents which makes him extremely knowledgeable
Peter Cardinal
Name changed to protect identity
10 year old Danish boy who died with symptoms resembling a Level 4 virus
Vacationed in Africa with his parents a few weeks before his illness
His death helped Gene Johnson and other scientists make a connection in the origin of the Level 4 virus- Kitum Cave
The Cardinal Strain of Marburg Virus
Colonel Clarence James (C.J.) Peters, MD.
Chief of disease assessment at USAMRIID
Fearless and did not care what others thought of him
Fought for his workers and demanded loyalty
One of the first people contacted when scientists discovered Ebola at the Reston Monkey House
Helped to lead the development of a plan and biohazard operation
Why are these characters important?
Characters help to shape the events, plot, and theme of the book.
Each character plays a pivotal role in the story and effect future events.
Richard Preston worked hard to portray the characters correctly.
Created by:Gwen Merrill
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