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Navigation Review

No description

Jack Richburg

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Navigation Review

Navigation Is the United States
East or West
of England? 360 degrees
24 hours
1 day
15 degrees
every hour 60 min
divided by 15 degrees
4 min for every degree How much is one Minute? One Minute of Latitude
is the same as
One Nautical Mile I was just a min late....
Is the same as I was a mile away... One minute is all the difference when navigation is involved. Longitude is long
Like a ladder... Latitude changes like our speech..
We take latitude when we talk with our friends...

LOL loser The angle to Polaris
is your Latitude... But what about
the daytime? 90 - The angle to the sun
= your latitude... Right? Yes and NO! On Sept. 23
March 21
deviation = 0 Weddings + 23.5 (June 21st)
War - 23.5 (December 21st) Lets do math... Its December 21st.. War - 23.5
needed for Latitude The sun is at 40 degrees 90 - the suns angle
90 - 40 = 50 degrees Latitude = 50 degrees - 23.5 = 26.5 degrees N GMT sunrise = 06:00 My sunrise was at 10:36! That is 4 hours and 36 min... 4 hours = 240 min 240 min + 36 min = 276 min difference 276 divided by 4 = 69 degrees W So I am at
26.5 degrees N
and 69 degrees W Formula for Longitude:
You need a watch..
Know your sunrise..
Know Greenwich sunrise... Greenwich sunrise - Your sunrise
Change hours into minutes (x 60)
add extra min... (hours + min.)
divide by 4 ... 4 min for every degree
If your time is after Greenwich you are west...
Date is unimportant... for longitude Formula for Latitude:
Know the date
Find a deviation table
Special days help.. Polaris angle = latitude
90 - sun's angle +/- deviation= latitude Variation of magnetic and true north
West +
East - "West is Best, East is least";
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