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Advancements is Neonatology

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kaelya iwamoto

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Advancements is Neonatology

Advancements in Neonatology
I chose this medical advancement because I love being around children. I think that this is a really good topic for me to research because this is the career that i want to go into. I want to study pediatrics in college. This topic will also inform me a little more on what this career will be about.
Neonatologist diagnoses and treats newborns with breathing disorders, infections and birth defects. Neonatologists stabilizes all new borns with life threatening medical problems.

When becoming a neonatologist, you must have a really strong heart, because its really hard seeing a baby become really sick and you know that you're trying your best but it still may not be good enough to save them.
Neonatologists specializes in the medical care of new born infants especially the ill or premature.
Birth Asphyxia- When a baby's brain or other organs don't get enough oxygen before, during, or after birth
Neonatology was developed in the United States. The first neonatal intensive care unit was opened in March of 1980, under the directon of Dr. Robert Arrington.
Congenital Malformations- A physical defect found in a baby at birth that may involve, the brain, heart, liver, lungs, bones, and intestinal tract.
Thermal Shock- Stress produced in a body or in a material as a result of sudden temperature change
Neonatologists doesn't only study babies, they also study the mothers lifestyle to determine medical conditions of their babies
When becoming a neonatologist, you don't need a special type of degree, but you must become an RN which requires 2 years of schooling
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