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Respiratory System

A prezi to help explain how the respiratory system functions.

Jonathan To

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Respiratory System

By: Pascal Spino and Jonathan To Respiratory System What is the respiratory system? How does it Work? Breathing consists of several important steps, many of which use pressure to work. -Allows you to breath -Consists of several organs -Nose -Mouth -Pharynx (upper throat) -Larynx (voice box) -Trachea (wind pipe) -Lungs -Natural System -Vital for our survival Step One: Inhaling -Through the nose/mouth - Lung expands to suck in air Step Two: Air Flow - Passes through pharynx, larynx, and trachea - The air travels to the lungs Step Three: The Lungs - It passes into the lungs and is absorbed by the blood - The blood releases C02 into the lungs - Diaphragm Step Four: Exhaling - Lung contracts to push out the CO2 It controls how you breathe and exchange gases in lungs/tissue The air is warm and filtered with tiny hairs (cilia) and sticky muscus Cilia and mucus trap dirt particles as well as pushes them out of the nostril or into the digestive system Thanks for watching Images from:
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