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The Eleventh Plague

No description

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of The Eleventh Plague

The Eleventh Plague
Stephen's dad slips into a coma, and Stephen has no way of helping him.
Stephen doesn't know if he should trust the strange men who claim that they can help his dad.
Will Turner is trying to get Stephen kicked out of Settler's Landing by making him look bad (picking fights with him and claiming that Stephen started them).
After Stephen left the Green's home to go live on his own, he finds Jenny. Jenny convinces him to go pull a prank with her on Will Turner. They set explosives in the pins of the animals he keeps outside his house.
Themes, Point of View, Allusions, Personal Opinions, Genres, and Book Information Resources
Main Characters
Stephen Quinn
Dad (Stephen Quinn)
Marcus Green
Violet Green
Jackson Green
Jenny Tan (Green)
Stephen Quinn
Stephen Quinn is a strong and ambitious fifteen year old boy. He is one of the few survivors of the war and plague. With his dad (his mother and grandfather have passed away), he travels the country, searching for things to trade with other people in exchange for food, weapons, and other materials. Stephen loves to spend free time reading books such as Lord of the Rings.
Marcus Green
Marcus Green is one of the men who find Stephen and his dad. He is a kind-hearted man who won't give up until he gets what he wants. Marcus Green is married to Violet Green. Jackson Green is his only biological son. Jenny Green is his adopted daughter. Marcus helps out his friends and neighbors in Settler's Landing.
Stephen's Dad
(Stephen Quinn)
If you've noticed by the title, Stephen and his father have the same name. Stephen's dad is one of the few survivors of the war. Soon after the war, his wife Bev gave birth to a little boy that they named Stephen, after his father and grandfather. Ever since Bev died, Stephen's dad and grandfather have been watching him. Stephen's dad is caring yet he can get quite upset at times. His actions reflect those of a caring father trying to protect his son.
Jenny Tan (Green)
Jenny is a Chinese girl adopted by the Green family. She is independent and free-spirited. Jenny is strong and very mischievious. She claims that her name is Jenny Tan, not Jenny Green, which is what everyone calls her. She wished that the war never happened... until she met Stephen Quinn.
Jackson Green
Jackson Green is the biological son of Violet and Marcus Green. He has one other sibling, Jenny, who is an adopted Chinese girl. Jackson may be young, but he is very strong and courageous. He befriends Stephen when Stephen comes into town. He has two other best friends Derrick and Martin. Jackson is a role model for people his age.
Violet Green
Violet Green is the wife of Marcus Green. She is the woman who helps Stephen's father after his accident. She loves her home and would rather die in it than leave it forever. She stands firmly in her beliefs and likes to make everything perfect, including people. She has two children: Jackson and Jenny, who is Chinese and adopted. She loves Settler's Landing and everyone in it.
Problems & Conflicts
B-88 crashed plane
Settler's Landing
The Green Family's Home
The School
The Barn
The Henry Family's Home
The Woods Outside Settler's Landing
Written by Jeff Hirsch
Report by Emme Wade

Communities and Ways of Life
Point of View
(and why it's important)
Stephen Quinn is narrarating the story. I think it is important to see the story in his piont of view because teens today can relate to the feelings of Stephen. Even though Stephen has a totally different life than most teens today, teens today can still relate to the feelings that Stephen has and the actions he takes because of others actions.
The Lord of the Rings (page 7, paragraph 3)
Sounder, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Great Expectations (page 97, paragraph 2)
Moby-Dick (page 144, paragraph 2)
My Personal Opinion
I personally thought that this was an overall fantastic book. Jeff Hirsch does an amazing job of describing the life of a boy in a war aftermath. I would definately recommend this book to all teens and adults who enjoy action packed books that keep you reading until the very end.
Genres of the Book
Science Fiction
Book Information

*I'm not going to tell anymore so that way I won't spoil the ending for you.*
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