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Ibrahim Charafi

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Grade 8
Hotels of Ifrane? Cleanest? Dirtiest?
Best value? Where are they? Prices
Other Accommodation
Jang Woo
Ma run
Keep a log of what you do!
A blog (a truncation of the expression web log) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries ("posts")
Record your sessions!
November 27, 2013 Wednesday Prezi Course Introduction...no more secrets
November 28, 2013 Thursday
November 29, 2013 Friday
November 30, 2013 Saturday
December 1, 2013 Sunday
December 2, 2013 Monday
December 3, 2013 Tuesday
December 4, 2013 Wednesday “Designing Information Visualizations”
December 5, 2013 Thursday
December 6, 2013 Friday
December 7, 2013 Saturday
December 8, 2013 Sunday
December 9, 2013 Monday
December 10, 2013 Tuesday
December 11, 2013 Wednesday
December 12, 2013 Thursday
December 13, 2013 Friday
December 14, 2013 Saturday
December 15, 2013 Sunday
December 16, 2013 Monday
December 17, 2013 Tuesday
December 18, 2013 Wednesday
December 19, 2013 Thursday
December 20, 2013 Friday Let's get home!
You should acknowledge your sources to:
demonstrate your academic integrity
make it easy for others to find the sources you have used and to check them for further information

0 The student does not reach a standard described by any of the descriptors given below.
1–2 The student's investigation is mostly from the internet. There is little evidence, by way of logged emails or a blog, of collaboration with their group. There is little or no evidence of investigation having taken place outside the classroom. There is a limited attempt to acknowledge sources.
3–4 The student produces some logged evidence of using resources and time in a well-considered manner. The student makes some attempt to evaluate their contribution to their group and the project. There is some evidence of "outside the classroom" investigation. Results of investigations have been analyzed and included in the Prezi and it is reasonably presented. Sources are mostly acknowledged.
5–6 The student produces a complete log that contains details of their use of resources and time. The student critically evaluates their collaboration to the group. There is evidence of extensive investigation having taken place outside the classroom and contributions to the Prezi are creative and well presented. All sources are clearly acknowledged.
A-F rough guide to your achievement
level using old fashioned grades (C is pass)
F: You have not been able to provide any evidence of having done anything for the project. You didn't even manage to send in an email!.
E You have given a tiny bit of evidence of having done something for the project but to be honest it is not very good. The email you sent was very short and showed that you didn't really care!
D You have provided some evidence of having found something out about Ifrane but you did not reveal a real secret. Your investigation was limited but at least you do record a couple of sessions and send them in as evidence in your email.
C You have found something out about Ifrane but it is probably not much of a secret to most people! Your investigation could not have been done solely on the internet. You've included some date stamped emails that show that you contributed to the group Prezi and got something out of the project. You have attempted to acknowledge at least one source of your information.
B You have started to reveal a real secret about Ifrane. You investigated away from the classroom and included reasonable evidence of this in creative contributions to the Prezi. Your comments about the project show that you collaborated and you include reasonable details of almost all your work sessions in one reasonably long and thoughtful email. You have made a good attempt to acknowledge most of your sources.
A Congratulations! You have revealed one of Ifrane's secrets. Your investigation has mostly taken place outside the classroom and you have illustrated your findings very creatively on the Prezi. You have reflected on what you uncovered and about working collaboratively. You have clear ideas about how you would do it differently next time! Your email is well written and shows that you have totally enjoyed and engaged with the project. You have made an excellent attempt to acknowledge all your sources. In addition your email provides some good ideas on how other secrets of Ifrane can be revealed.
0-6 rough guide to your achievement using MYP level descriptors
Email: w.bartlett@aui.ma
January 20, 2014 Monday
January 21, 2014 Tuesday
January 22, 2014 Wednesday
January 23, 2014 Thursday
January 24, 2014 Friday
January 25, 2014 Saturday
January 26, 2014 Sunday
January 27, 2014 Monday
January 28, 2014 Tuesday
January 29, 2014 Wednesday
January 30, 2014 Thursday
January 31, 2014 Friday
February 1, 2014 Saturday
February 2, 2014 Sunday
February 3, 2014 Monday
February 4, 2014 Tuesday
February 5, 2014 Wednesday
February 6, 2014 Thursday
February 7, 2014 Friday
You lost everything?
Well you have to decide now (with two weeks left) if you are either going to get busy getting a Fail grade OR get busy getting a pass grade!
It is up to you!
Our government
The list of Walis and governors appointed Tuesday, January 21, 2014 by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, in different regions, prefectures and provinces of the Kingdom.
In Ifrane our new governor is Mr. Mohamed Benribag, and the old governor: Mr. Jelloul Samsseme. He became Wali of the Taza-Al Hoceima-Taounate region, and governor of the province d'Al Hoceima.

Ifrane has many varied hotels.
The one below is known as the
Grand Hotel.
The hotels and buildings of Ifrane have a distinctive style.
They normally have angled roofs with orange tiles.
Normally people
Come to the bar/pub.
Top Secret of Hotel in Ifrane
Information of Hotel in Ifrane
Appart-Hotel La Paix
It has closed door
Wi-fi(free internet) is free in rooms and public erea.
They can say English,French and Arabic
Parking is not available even you pay the money.(You can park other parking lot with paying some money)
My grade
Survice-6.5 (They can speak so so language. They have free internet. But, they don't have parking station. They don't accept credit card)
Rooms-7(Design of room is not good. Most of the thing in the room is bad quality)
MIchlifen Ifrane
It has closed door.
wi-fi(free internet) is free on rooms and public erea.
Free parking
They can say Italian,English,Arabic(Morocco),Spanish and French
My grade
Survive-9.8(they can speak 5 language and free internet on anywhere in hotel. I want them to speak Korean. Also, they have free Parking.)
Rooms-9.7( It was really good. Most of the things in the room has high quality)
They are door opened.
No internet access available.
They can speak French,English and Arabic
Parking is free
My grade
Survice-6.2(They can speak so so language. No internet. Free parking, credit card available)
Rooms-7.8(They have so so rooms. Unless better than Appart hotel La paix)
Jang Woo Park
There are many hotels in Ifrane. But there are too many. I decided to discover only three hotels. I saw which hotel has open door. I saw how good hotels are, and I graded them. I check you can use free WI-FI or you should pay. Also, I checked languages that they can speak.
These are my three hotels.
Michlifen Ifrane-
Appart-Hotel La Paix- I can't find homepage
Farah Inn Ifrane(Best Western) -http://www.farahinnhotel.com/
Farah Inn Ifrane(Best Western)
Hotel Les Tilleuls
Located in Ifrane, "Hotel Les Tilleuls" offers free Wi-Fi throughout its local area. By car, it is 5 minutes from the Vittel and waterfalls and 35 minutes from the ski resort Michlifen.
The rooms in "Hotel Les Tilleuls feature satellite TV and a seating area. The private bathrooms are equipped with a shower.
Guests can enjoy local specialties in the restaurant as well as a selection of drinks from the bar.
Free private parking is available on site. You will also have a reception 24h/24, a nightclub and a tour desk.

Top Secret of Hotel in Ifrane
Jang Woo Park
Interview with Mr. Jelloul Samsseme:

Ifrane map reveal
The best hotel in Ifrane would be Michlifen. A lot of people stay tre and enjoy their stay in Ifrane by going there for shelter. It is one of the best hotels in Morocco, but not the cheapest one either. High price, but no dissapointment.
Michlifen Hotel:
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