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Creativity Training

No description

Lukas Galecki

on 15 November 2010

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Transcript of Creativity Training

CREATIVITY KEY Principles for
Encouraging Creativity Problem Solving Tools & Activities Exercises No evaluation with generation! Test assumptions Avoid pattern thinking Create new perspective Take prudent risks Problems as goals Deviation from the standard A gap between the real and Ideal Brainstorming or Brainwriting? Related vs. Unrelated Stimuli S
R substitute combine adapt modify/magnify put to
another use eliminate reverse Brain(storming/writing) Combine ideas cherry, car, mobile phone, internet, gun, pen, lion, track, petrol, fire, candy, machine, ocean, airplane, bread, legs, brick, drug, bicycle, camel, juice, shoe, compact disk, wheel, hair, light, leaves, gravel, judge, scissors, steam, lips, mouse, wood, money, crystal ball, guitar, hypnosis, cloud, zip, handle, book, software, King, sex, flame, raison, mirror, gas, space ship, diver, drill, axe, heart, saint, teeth, child, swan, sing, ball, zoo, cloth, yeast, death, desire, damp, window, engine, ear, umbrella, tent, toenail, fur, fart, friend, tie, scales, grandmother, grease, jam, kite, language, marriage, noise, onion, pizza, pirate, question, radar, smell, tennis, underwear, value, wax, fox, screen SCAMPER Bonus round:
"Change" Thank you ;) generation = divergent evaluation = convergent two insightful thinkers sight of the big picture Minimise negative thinking View ideas as raw material 'What's good about it?' Constructive feedback Creative Person: "I like to put water
in my orange juice so it's less sweet." Ordinary Person:
"You're weird, you know? Critical vs. Creative Thinking What is creativity? An ability An attitude A process POSITIVE ATTITUDES I wanna know this... to know this. I challenge assumptions not statements Critisism can wait Problem? Interesting... What’s good about it? I can do it! I know the way to make it better Problem = Another solution I don’t give up too quickly Mistakes are also welcome PROFILE OF CREATIVE PERSON Creative person is:
able to suspend judgement
comfortable with imagination
self-assured Creative person does:
evaluate assumptions only
enjoy challenge
accept presence of problems
define problems as opportunities
seek for solutions
accept possible mistakes
not give up! NEGATIVE ATTITUDES Oh no, a problem! It can't be done There's nothing I can do I might fail MYTHS ABOUT CREATIVE THINKING Every problem has only one solution The best method has already been found Ideas either come or they don't. Nothing will help... MENTAL BLOCK TO CREATIVE THINKING Prejudice Functional fixation Learned helplessness ahscjqwcvgjqwejcv shge
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