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Inherited and Acquired Traits of Dogs

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Michele Grellner

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Inherited and Acquired Traits of Dogs

Inherited and Acquired Traits of Dogs

Inherited and Acquired Traits of Dogs
by Zach Grellner

Dogs come in all sizes. This is an inherited trait from their parents. Small dogs weigh less than 22lbs and large dogs weigh from 65-130lbs.
Dogs can have different eye colors that are inherited from their parents. Huskies have blue eyes. Most other dogs have dark eyes.
Dogs are not born knowing tricks such as sit, stay, roll over, and heal. These traits are learned by training from their humans. They also learn to be obedient to their humans.
Commands and Obedience
Dogs can be trained to hunt for prey and search for other things such as people who are lost, criminals, and drugs. They can also be trained to retrieve an item such as a ball or bird.
Inherited traits are traits that are passed down from parent to offspring. Each organism gets a set of genes from each parent. There are many types of genes that dogs can inherit from their parents.
Acquired traits are things that organisms can be taught and learned. These traits are not genetic and are not passed down to offspring.
Hunting and searching
Eye Color
Hair type and length is an inherited gene in dogs.
Some dogs have short hair and others have long hair. Some dogs shed and others do not. Hair color is another inherited trait.


Some dogs can pass down health concerns from parents to offspring. For example, some pugs have hanging tongue syndrome.
Health Concerns
A dog's muscle tone is determined by how much exercise the dog gets.
Muscle Tone
All dogs must be trained to know what to eat and not to eat. Puppies will chew and eat on any item until they are trained to only eat dog food.
Zach Grellner
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