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The Proposal

No description

Angela Chaney

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of The Proposal

LIV AVEDA SALON AND SPA Proposal for creative marketing director by Angela Chaney Liv your passion! being creative inspiring others Responible for translating marketing ideas into creative strategies, designs and plans. I will manage the graphic design, website development, advertising, and promotions. This position will work closely with Sherry Stagg, owners and the management team to maintain an accurate reflection of our brand. Also making sure that all branding is cohesive. sit in with Kevin to learn what Aveda wants to accomplish and how we can implement those ideas to work for us here at Liv. Translate ideas and information from Aveda to the salon and spa at the monthly meeting.
This includes
-monthly station highlights
-email blasts
-promotions for the month
-advertising that is running Main event highlights include:
-Earth month
-Litership Program
-Breast Cancer Awareness
-Valentines Day
-Mothers Day
Having this time during the meeting will help staff understand how much time and money goes into advertising, and to get people into the salon and spa 3 hrs. a day front desk = 25 hrs. CMD position = 15 hrs. Seasonal Style Spring summer fall winter trend books Colors updo's perms relaxers cuts makeup Liv Aveda Style Show inspire & create Photo shoots Volunteering Helping those in need salary is negotiable Revenue What is my Passion?
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