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Symbols in the story The Gift of the Magi

By: Michelle Beno

Michelle B

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Symbols in the story The Gift of the Magi

By: Michelle Beno The Gray Cat Gold Combs Christmas The gray cat symbolizes loss of hope, sadness, having very little, and a boring place. Almost everything in that tiny cramped apartment of Della's was what the gray cat represented. It said that Della and Jim had nothing but dullness in their young lives. The combs represent a young man's love for his wife. They also symbolize the adorning of seeing his wife very happy. He would do almost anything to see Della happy. Della had cut off her hair and because Jim was so excited to show her the combs he was oblivious! Since the story takes place during the Christmas holiday the gifts symbolize the gifts that the 3 wise men gave to Baby Jesus. Even though it is not said if they arrived after his birth or were present for it sources show that they did deliver 3 gifts to Jesus. the three Wise men are often referred to the Magi. Hair Symbols in The story The Gift of the Magi Gold symbolized Love, eternity and money. Money
because that is something the couple lack, Eternity because gold does not rust or ever disappear. Love because Jim gave up his most prized possession his gold watch to buy Della a Christmas present. Della's hair symbolizes youth. By cutting her hair off to have money to buy her husband a gift it is like her giving up the "best years of her life" to Jim. Summary The 5 symbols I chose were what I think were the main symbols that represented or reinstated the moral "It is better to give than receive" throughout the story. The 5 symbols that i chose were; The Gray Cat, Gold, Combs, Christmas, and Della's Hair. The gray cat symbolizes loss of hope and sadness. Gold represents eternity and love. The Combs stated Jim's love for Della. Christmas is the whole setting throughout the story it is the holiday of hope and gift giving also the Three Wise Men or The Magi. Della chopping off her hair to buy Jim a chain that represents her love to her husband that she will do anything for him. These five items that show up within the story represent the everlasting moral.
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