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100 Slide prezi for Digital Exploration

Ryan T

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Snowboarding

By Ryan Thompson Snowboarding Indy Grab Method Grab Stalefish Grab Tail Grab Nose Grab Mindy Grab Crail 1 2 (not twelve) Bloody Dracula Front Flip (Ariel) Backflip (Ariel) Regular Backflip Backflip (wildcat) quork Ollie Nollie Switch Ollie Fakie Nollie Shifty Air to Fakie Poptart Flail Tamedog Another name for an aerial front flip McTwist Front Flip Spin performed in a pipe Double McTwist Haakon Flip Lando Roll Tripod Snowboard Brands Rome SDS Stepchild Capita Burton Ride 686 neff DC Nike 32 Volcom BillaBong Bern Signal Oakley Crab Grab Spy+ Snowboarding Styles Slopestyle Big Air Snow X Big Mountain Types of Boots Burton 32 Vans Rome SDS Nike Snowboard Boots New Balance (nobody wears them) Jackets The North Face Ride Sessions Burton Volcom DC Dakine Oakley Goggles Oakley Dragon What are they? What are they? What are boots? (Clothing, jackets, etc.) Bolle Spy+ Smith Optics Electric VZ Spyder Anon Pros Shaun White Tornstein Horgmo Danny Kass Shaun Palmer Travis Rice Seth Wescott Eero Ettalla Louie Vito The Park Box Rail Jump Pipe Other Resorts Northstar Squaw Alpine Sierra Mamoth This is when you put your hand in the middle of your board You need to bend your knees for this grab Reach behind you legs Grab the tail
of your board Reach for your nose Double indy grab Reach across your body Grab in-
your nose
and the binding Grab your tail with 2 hands On axes On axes flip Board goes straight over Across backflip Board goes above head (off axes spin) A jump Jump of your nose Fackie ollie switch off nose Twitch board in the air Straight air in pipe When your arms flail 180 degrees spin in pipe Front Flip Spin performed in a pipe (double) front flip in pipe Barell back roll in pipe Go down mountain on nose or tail Brand that I ride More of a park brand Park Board all around board more big mountain Jacket brand Make lots of beanies, jackets, and pants Pro rider tornstein horgmo rides for DC Make boards and boots Make everything that has to do with snowboarding including boots, jackets, pants, boards Make mostly clothing Clothing In style helmet brand Signal only makes snowboards Very popular goggle brand Jacket brand- crab grab sponsors a few people Goggle brand This has features, as well as jumps Just Jumps Twists and turns as well as smooth
flowing jumps Not park just riding the mountain Shaun White's preference Make very comfortable boots Make shoes as well (Not so great brand for boots) Pretty nice- foot molds easily Popular brand Very warm jackets (I own one) Ski brand Lots of types of jackets. Burton makes a lot of clothing & accessories Very nice jackets and in style Worn by tornstein horgmo Mainstream company- sponsor competitions including usasa Preferred brand Top of the line most pros are sponsored by Oakley for park Very nice lenses (rare) Worn by many kids and adults Not many people on the mountain wear these goggles Very nice and lots of people wear them including me. Also very modern Old school but they have quality lenses (also make motorcross goggles) Jacket and ski brand as well Popular brand worn by many X games qualifier and olympics gold medalist as well as a very good skateboarder First ever triple cork 1080
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