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CADCAM,By Guy Cook 2J

A brief presentation telling you all about CADCAM.

Guy Cook

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of CADCAM,By Guy Cook 2J

CADCAM By Guy Cook 2J What is CAD? CAD stands for 'Computer Aided Design' and is the use of computer technology to design products and models for manufacture. With the aid of computers, people are able to design things such as architectual designs and it is also used in shipbuilding. Why is CAD used? CAD would be useful to use because computer technology could design things better then humans by just looking at it. This is because computers can be more precise with the straight lines, curves and scales etc and people couldn't get them exact. Examples of CAD CAD can be used for many different things such as house designing, architects love using CAD because it is so much easier than making up drawings, CAD can be used in the manufacture of cars, trains and bikes. It can also be used with the designing of tanks! Also the board being passed around is a CAD of my house. Bedroom 4 is my room! Ok, that was CAD Now for CAM What is CAM? CAM stands for 'Computer Aided Manufacture' and it is the use of computers to control machines to make or cut things. With the aid of computers, people are able to control machines such as laser cutters by just using a computer. An example of CAM is the cutting of the metals of the shell of a car. Why is CAM used? CAM is used when people want machines to specifically do things (e.g cutting things) that they can't do. Also, it is much quicker and easier, so if you don't have the time or effort to saw round some plastic (even though you can't), you can just programme the computer to do it for you on a computer-controlled laser cutting machine. You can programme it to do vector or rastor cuts. Vector cuts are cuts in the material and rastors are engravements in the material Examples of CAM CAM is used for many things such as cutting metals in a specific way (car pieces and metal frames). The picture to the left shows 'people' working with CAM. Thank You for listening
Thank You Now here's a little quiz for you See if you were really listening Or if you were amazingly bored Let's separate the boys from the men 1. What does CAM stand for? It's too easy 2. What is rastor cut? 3. What do architects love using?
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