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Personal Business Commitments

No description

Raquel Bermudez

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Personal Business Commitments

Ongoing throughout the year
Managers provide ongoing coaching and performance feedback to employees.
Managers initiate periodic reviews with new hires and ensure goals in place within 90 days of hire.
Employees seek informal feedback and keep records of their results.
Mid Year
Employees seek out performance feedback from their manager and revisit progress against theis goals. Make adjustments as appropriate. Managers are encouraged to conduct mid-year performance reviews.
December - January
Employees document their results against PBC goals in the PBC tool, using informal input gathered during the year.
Managers assess the accuracy of results and make appropriate adjustments.
Managers participate in team-based decision making with peer managers and determine overall assessment and PBC rating.
Managers review overall assessment and rating with reviewing manager.
Managers review and discuss overall assessment and rating with employees.
Managers initiate PBC processing with signatures and final comments in the PBC tool.
Personal Business Commitments
The yearly path
It will impact and serve as guidance for:

Salary Increase
Promotions / Internal Transfers
Career Path / Learning Courses
Internal Movements
Leave Of Absence
Why is the PBC rating important?
Senior manager establishes annual business goals.
Managers communicate department/team goals.
Employees establish PBC goals that are aligned with department/team goals.
Employees record PBC goals using the PBC tool and forward to manager.
Managers meet with each employee to review and agree upon annual PBC goals and approve them in the PBC tool.
January - March
At IBM, the strength of the business is deeply rooted in the strength of individuals, so leading, inspiring and evaluating performance is a critical business leadership imperative.

The Personal Business Commitments (PBC) process is designed to evaluate employees worldwide to produce an equitable and consistent understanding of individual contributions, across the full spectrum of performance – from the strongest to the weakest.

PBC ratings are a point-in-time snapshot of an individual’s relative contribution; it is up to managers at all levels to take additional steps to inspire top performers, motivate solid performers and help improve lower performers throughout the year.

All employees set personal business goals for the year, receive performance feedback and are evaluated.

The goals, set at the beginning of each year, align directly with IBM's overall business goals and values. Managers and employees will check in and discuss performance progress throughout the year. Mid-year is a good time for an interim review. At the end of the year, your manager will evaluate your contributions and give you a PBC rating reflecting your performance.
What is the PBC about?
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