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Josh Martinez-Mandiche

No description

Jose Martinez Mandiche

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Josh Martinez-Mandiche

Other works
Plans as an SRA
Beside making sure to efficiently cover set job responsibilities:
Larger scale events, possibly collaborating with all 4 Residence Hall areas
Positive RA incentives
Pintrest meeting activities
Club collaborations
SRA Methodology
The Story of T-Ara
I hope to serve as an ally for Residence Life, and continue growing as a professional.
Josh Martinez-Mandiche
Senior Resident Assistant Application

Anticipated clubs & Organizations
Residence Hall Association
American Chemistry Society
International Student Association
Additional On-Campus Jobs
Office Assistant at the Office of Residence Life
Mascot for the Athletics Department
Official for Intramural Sports
Summary of Qualifications
Current G.P.A: 2.9
August availability
Served 3 full semesters as a RA
Strong leadership skills
Team player
RA Autobiography
Incident Report Efficiency (alcohol gatherings FA '12, Weapon threat SP 13, Breaking & Entering FA '12, Alcohol Poisoning SP '14)
Programming by numbers (Mocktails, flyers, mascot liaison)
Respect deadlines
To serve as a professional liaison between the Resident Directors and RAs.
repare for everything
ay back occasionally and let staff run things
nalyze scenario
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