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Paloma Granero

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of "Tourism"

Hotels and Restaurants
hotel is known as the place where the people are, here is where tourists will stay during their travels. The hotels offer different services, depending on the quality to provide the hotel and the level of services, can be classified into different categories such as:
* lyrics: these are from E to A
* star: that goes from 1 to 5 stars
* classes: we found from fourth to first.
The restaurant is a commercial establishment, in most cases, public where you pay for the food and drink to be consumed in the same local or to carry, there are 4 types of restaurants:
* Gourmet Restaurants
* Specialty Restaurants
* Convenient Restaurants
* Family Restaurants
"One star hotel"
All the rooms include a private bathroom, you can enjoy free wifi connection, a laundry, 24 hour front desk and a safe deposit box at the front desk.
"Two star hotel"
Account with car rental, currency exchange, luggage storage, parking for coaches, laundry and dry cleaning services, services in the rooms, air conditioning and telephone.
"Three star hotel"
Account with room furnished with 1 or 2 king size beds, fully equipped kitchen, direct dial telephone, Internet, alarm clock, bar, buffet service, swimming pool, nursery, flat screen tv and restaurants with entertainment.
"Four star hotel"
Offers more than a restaurant, bar, room service with extended hours, conference center, business services, spacious rooms with elegant furnishings, high quality bed linen, bath products, a wide range of services such as mini bar, hair dryer, car rental, currency exchange, luggage storage, parking for coaches, laundry and dry cleaning services, services in the rooms, air conditioning and telephone.
"Five star hotel"
"Gourmet Restaurant"
Offers dishes that attract people who are fond of eating delicacies.
"Specialty Restaurant"
These establishments listed in your letter a wide variety of specialty, whether seafood, poultry, meat or pasta, among other possible.
Enjoy tennis courts, swimming pool complex, wellness center, fitness center, game room, recreational activities for children, panoramic views, spacious rooms that are equipped with queen beds, private terrace with view to the sea, sitting room, large windows with acoustic insulation, temperature control, three outdoor swimming pools, including one designed for children, waterfalls, a swimming pool, whirlpool, and water slides. Also of three tennis courts.
"Hotel with diamond"
Account with a total of 476 suites luxuriously decorated, all rooms are equipped with: jacuzzi, air conditioning, ceiling fan, king size bed or double, alarm clock/radio, bathrobes, safety box, private bathroom, hair dryer, cable TV, the kits of amenities, balcony with a table and 2 chairs, hammocks (on request), mini bar, stocked with beer, water, soft drinks, iron and ironing board and coffee maker.
Exquisite restaurants and bars personify the excellent quality and personalized service, the restaurants are different for example the italian restaurant, Mexican, Chinese, etc.
Serves simple food at moderate prices, open to the family. Its feature lies in the reliability that offers to its customers, in terms of prices and service standard.
"Family restaurant"
"Restaurant convenient"

It is characterized by its fast service; the price of food usually economical and the impeccable cleanliness of the facility and therefore enjoys reliability and preference.
"The End"
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