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on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of EGYPT

It is a sovereign country in the Middle East in the westernmost part of the Mashreq. It is a transcontinental country, located both in the far northeast of Africa and Asia, in the Sinai peninsula. It borders Sudan to the South, with Libya to the West and Israel to the
Northeast. To the North it borders with the Mediterranean Sea and Southeast with the Red Sea.
Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization and its monuments as pyramids and the great Sphinx; the southern city of Luxor contains numerous ancient remains, such as the Temple of Karnak and the Valley of the Kings. Today, Egypt is an important political and cultural center of the Middle East. Its present form of Government is a dictatorship military under an interim civilian Government, formed after the coup d'etat of 2013 that overthrew the country's first democratic President, Mohamed Morsi.
Living Standard
There are two main classes. The first are the elite education of Western influence, of class high and medium. The second group, which is much more humble, belong to farmers, the urban population and the working class. There are huge differences in the style of life, habits, feeding, clothing, etc. In 1970 the Government has introduced liberal economic policies known as the "open door". This policy is more demand for the first group, because it connects with the culture and foreign capital.
Ancient Egypt
The Egyptians erected monumental funerary complexes for its Pharaohs and great temples, obelisks in which recorded titles and praises of the Pharaoh, with paintings representing divine and earthly life. Also carved large stone statues representing gods and Pharaohs, and small pieces of gold, metals and precious stones, made in stone handicraft work, faience or delicately carved in wood. They developed their own system of writing, hieroglyphics, with its variants: the demotic, simplifying their spelling writing hieratic and later. The Egyptian was the first peoples in history, leaving to posterity treaties of medicine, mathematics and historical, and mythological stories written on Papyrus or engraved in stone or wood.
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