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Doctors Without Boarders/ Msf

No description

vallery valo

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Doctors Without Boarders/ Msf

- msf-> help people in need

- MSF= Mèdecines Sans Frontiers

-msf-> created in 1971 by little group of french doctors-> wanted to find way to get the job done, so more people to be saved or cured

-later created a small help group

-(today) msf/doctors without boarders-> international help line organization
What they do?
-main concern= emergency relief
-launch operations->areas no medical stations (e.g no hospitals or walk-in-clinics
-have been helping with medical issues->40+ years
-help in any natural disasters->
floods,earthquakes,tsunamis, armed conflict,(etc)
-many emergency surgeries
-want people->avoid getting diseases->give vaccinations and advice->how to try to prevent getting diseases,(e.g.Ebola)
-provide water+sanitary systems-> keep cleanliness
-drug supplies
-tell+teach health education
-offer medical help->existing medical stations

doctors without boarders today
- national offices in 19 countries

- 2 are in Canada

- one in Toronto and one in Montreal

- have worked many countries
what/who is msf?
Msf in Canada
-Canada joined msf->1991
-canadians started spreading awareness->about msf
-many funding stations->wanted public to donate
-2006-2011->Canada was managing healthcare
projects->Columbia,Haiti,ivory coast,Nigeria,papau new guinea + the republic of the Congo
-since 1991 Canada has taken over
field assignments->in 80+countries
-first mission=1972->helping in Managua,Nicaragua->
earthquake-> wiped out many people between= -
-many being aided by doctors without boarders/msf
-people who eventually took over=Claude Malhuret and Rony Brauman
-after first mission thought more people need them for help->kept msf/doctors without boarders going
-first war= 1980-> war of afghanistan
-provided people with many things bandages, crutches,ointment(etc)
Earthquake in Nepal
-few days ago an earthquake hit Nepal
-msf staff sent->Nepal->help victims
-several members around world sent to destroyed Nepal
-started relief activities->as soon got they there
-msf sending many help teams
-teams coming with drug + medical supplies
-surgery teams being sent->
checking + helping people ok or not
-trying to help everyone
Missions and goals
main mission and goal=save people lives
want to help as many people as they can
have warehouses+logistic centers->
where they buy,store+test equipment (e.g. vehicles,communications devices,extra generators,water+ nutrition supplies
-store tents,shelter kits, much more
-emergency applies->have private jets flown to destination usually within 24h
-want everyone to live healthy -want to save innocent people lives-> either stuck in war or living with disease's
if there was NO doctors without borders-> most people would have died

Who Is Doctors Without Boarders/ msf?
Their work
Missions and news
Doctors Without Boarders/ Msf
-give antiviral for people who have aids(2001)
-vaccinations for any
disease->(right now)->Ebola

Breakout Of Ebola In West Africa
-Ebola started->west Africa
-can not be cured->handled with care
-places effected->
Guinea,Sierra leone,Liberia + others
- most deadliest + devastating disease
-(around) 8,351 people admitted in msf help center
->4,962 people diagnosed with Ebola->(about) 2,329 people recovered
www.doctors without
www.all numbers.com
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