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Hope you find this Prezi useful and informative!

Mike McCrory

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of Typography

Upper Case

Cap Height
Base Line
The baseline is the line which most letters sit
and descenders and ascenders extend.

A Serif letter has a distinguished short stroke that projects from the ends of the character.
The open space in a fully
or partly closed area within
a cap or lower case letter
such as. A,Q,B, P,o,a,g,h,u.
Small projection at top
right of a lower case ‘g’.

Lower Case
Base Line
Mean Line
Ascender Line
Descender Line
In typography, the upward vertical stem on some
lower case letters, such as b,d,h, that extends
above the
is the
and the
downward stem is called the
such as p,g,y.
Short projection at the base of a capital '
', this depends on the typeface.
A selection of type styles
...letters stand up straight.
...letters are heavier version of a regular font.
...letters slant forward.
...letters are indentified by a short stroke that extends from the ends of the letter.
...letters have a styled flourish
...letters are without strokes that poject
from the ends of the letters.
...letters have a squared ended serif.
...letters are created to imitate writing produced with a pen or brush.
...letters have the inner part removed to leave a lined edge.
...letters have a fine white line that runs through the centre of the strokes.
Dot or Tittle
A small mark, as seen on a lower case
...is a '
' symbol for '
' from the latin word for '
The terms
upper case
lower case
originated from the common layouts of
the shallow drawers called type cases used to hold the movable type for letterpress printing.

Traditionally, the capital letters were stored in a separate case that was located above the case that held the
small letters.

Bullits & Dingbats
Type of ornament or typeface in
a form of a dot or illustration to itemise or emphasise.
Thank you for viewing my Prezi on Typography,
hope you found it useful and interesting!
x - Height
Mean Line
Base Line
The term
refers to the height of the lowercase ‘
’ in a given typeface at any given size. It provides a way of describing the general proportions of any typeface.
Imaginery line that connects tops of capital letters
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