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Sustainable Marketing


Janelle Remillard

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Sustainable Marketing

Ten Tree Apparel is planting trees around the world to offset the effects of pollution on our planet. Foundation Drive Planting Trees Partnerships Dragon's Den Model Their Story Ten Tree Apparel was started by three friends from Regina, Saskatchewan after recently finishing university degrees. Ten Tree Apparel Ten Tree has partnered with WeForest, a non-profit that plants trees around the world! Only in Business for 3 Months Meghan Tooley, Kirby Wallis and Janelle Rémillard Video They wanted consumers to have a chance to give back to the environment while purchasing clothes Ten trees are planted for every item of clothing sold.
They sell T’s, tank tops, hats, sweaters on their website and at several retailers. Ten trees cost approximately 3$ to plant. Consumers are willing to pay up to 6$ more for a piece of clothing that plants 10 trees. Manufacturing is conducted in Portland to reduce environmental impact from shipping.

It costs more, but it supports their sustainable brand. Ten Tree Apparel carefully chooses trees that are native to the ecosystem in which they are planted. This ensures a better integration of the tree within that local environment and will help the trees to grow and to live longer. They received 2 offers: - Jim Treliving offered $100,000 for 15%

-Arlene and Bruce offered $100,000 for 20% Active Lifestyle The Decision They finally decided to partner with Arlene and Bruce because of Arlene's marketing background and Bruce's tree planting experience. They also wanted to keep manufacturing in North America to reinforce their brand. Brand Image Elegant, Natural, Radiant,
Mischievous, Stunning,
Alluring "Positive Impact"
"Keep It Clean"
"Inspire" Canadian Wildlife Foundation Brand Image Active, Outdoors-y, Risk-taking Brand Image Sustainable Advertising Social Media: Building Relationships
115,000 Facebook likes
79,000 Twitter followers
2,000 Instagram followers "Inspire"/Canadian Wildlife Foundation Encourages active lifestyle outdoors

Celebrity/Athlete endorsements
Nastia Liukin
Jordan Clark
Bruce & Arlene Word of mouth advertising

Store suggestions

Invitations to volunteer Eco-friendly web servers What can they improve? #1 Start producing their clothing with more sustainable materials such as bamboo or organic cotton. #2 Set more specific sustainability goals for their manufacturing operations. #3 Incorporate sustainability in their work culture within their organization and be more transparent. #4 Make sure sustainability is part of every aspect of their business as a whole, not only with the tree planting. For example, Ten Tree plants moringa trees in Haïti to combat sheet water erosion. Questions or comments?
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