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Information Technology

No description

Susan Ayer

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Information Technology

Susan Ayer
Faculty : Information Technology
Hobby : Computer Games
Nationality : Nepal

History Of Profession


Started learning about Computer - Grade 4


Completed my higher studies about Computing


Learned more about Computing and gained interest in Programming


Currently Studying Foundation Course for Computer Programming
Why did i choose this path?
Enhance the digital future
Professional Recognition
Workplace Learning
Childhood Dream
Something I'm good at
My own website
Future Innovations
Mobile Applications
Web Pages
Operating System
Virtual Gaming

Network Security Software
Word Meanings
Career Prospects
What is I.T.? Information Technology


"A" Grade in Graphics Designing
Made Library Book Management Software
Made Restaurant Billing Software
(Philabaum, 2012)
(Aragon Research, 2013)
(Congo Petrol Sprl, 2008)
(Microsoft, 2009)
(Reich, n.d)
(Pivec, 2013)
(Artisan, 2012)
(Oracle, 2014)
(link2webpros, 2013)
(IBM, 2014)
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This is me
boot - you boot your computer when you switch it on
bug - small error in a program
cache - a kind of memory to make a computer work faster
CPU - Central Processing Unit. PC's brain
DOS - Disk Operating System. The original OS where commands were used instead of pointing and clicking
driver - a small program that tells a PC how a peripheral works
data - information (pictures, videos, audios, etc.) that you create/share on a computer
format - to erase everything and start anew
hotspot - An area that has available Wireless signal for Internet Access
Kb, Mb, Gb - kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes. Used to measure computer memory and storage.
Memory - temporary storing of information while computer is being used.
Operating System - The main software that manages the computer. e.g. Windows 7, OS X, iOS, etc.
pixel - The image that you see on the screen which is made of thousands of tiny dots, points or pixels.
MHz - Megahertz. Describes the speed of computer equipment. The higher the MHz the better the performance.
Modem - Equipment connected to a computer for sending/receiving digital information by telephone line. Used to connect to the Internet
OCR - Optical Character Recognition. Changes the scanned picture to actual lettering
parallel port - A socket at the back of a computer for connecting external equipment or peripherals
PDA - Personal Digital Assistant
peripheral - Any equipment that is connected externally to a computer. E.g. Scanners, Modems, Printers, etc.
resolution - The number of dots or pixels per inch used to create the screen image.
Home page to faculty
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