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Social Media at North Coast TAFE

No description

Rachael Power

on 9 August 2012

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Transcript of Social Media at North Coast TAFE

What is Social Media?
it is the use of a variety of media for the purpose of social networking.
Say Wha?
Unless you have lived on the moon for the last 5 years you will have used or know someone who actively uses social media as a means to communicate, collaborate and share information.
What, who,
when, why?

Social media is;

concurrently global and local
capable of reaching large and small audiences
accessible to everyone – social media tools are available either free or at a small cost
immediate – a platform for accelerated word of mouth - posts, tweets, photos and videos can go global in seconds.
open and connected
it's about building relationships
Social media is not:
something to be experimented with in small chunks
free advertsing for courses
short-term investment
a new market
What do you use?
Kylie Minogue
Subscribers 25k+
Views 5.7m+
Natalie Tran
Subscribers 1m+
Views 394m+
For business
Multiple administrators
Can 'Inbox' a page
Google Searchable
Open publically
Can be open, closed or secret
Invite only
Not Google searchable
Can share/work on documents
Multiple administrators
Institute Page
Campus Pages
Specialty-focused pages
(subject to approval)
Community Pharmacy
Hair and Beauty Port Macquarie
Create 'Groups' of students for particular classes (though remember to delete after your done)
Create 'Groups' for alumni
Use the campus page to post photos of students and relevant news stories
Promote your local events and seminars through the campus page
Your teacher or student won an award? Post it!
Listen to what your industry is talking about.
Use what the student use
Open and free
Sharing is easy
No need to learn a new tool
Privacy concerns
Requires time and resources to monitor and sustain
Allows for mixed messages and confusion
Add videos to the North Coast TAFE channel
Create a channel for your own videos
Create a channel for how to videos found elsewhere on YouTube
Easy to upload, share and embed.
Find great 'how to' videos without.
having to create them yourself.
Easy way to show off student work.
Privacy options (for sharing and
Takes time to create content.
Requires time and resources to monitor and sustain.
Video done badly (and often it is) send a message of poor quality.
User moderated.
Create a unique Hashtage ( # ) for your event and follow the conversation
Follow industry leaders and listen to what's important to them
Find out up-to-the-minute news
Easy to use (it's like text messaging)
Embeded in iPhones/iPads
Australia is the country with the
most Tweeters per capita
Huge stream of information can be confusing.
Lacking privacy.
Limited characters to convey message.
Details your experiences and qualifications
Organisational profiles
Professional industry groups
Showcase your expertise and an industry leader
Join groups and listen to what is happening
Connect and network with professionals in your industry
Post and answer questions in your industry and become an industry leader and influencer.
Business focus
Largest business networking site
Easy resume builder
Connect with specific industries
The really great features require $$
Your manager might think you're trying to get a new job!
What you publish
will be there for life
Number of friends isn't important, it's the connections
Add value to your customer interactions
Listen to and respond to feedback. Monitor your spaces and what you publish
Build quality relationships
Different spaces have different rules and etiquette
Listening is critical
Own the problem
Don't do the hard sell
Be dedicated
and consistent
How often do I need to post an update on Facebook?
Not too often. Consider the audience or the group. How often is everyone else posting? Is it needed? Do you have something important to add to the discussion? Should I just be building off existing posts?

Maybe 1-3 times a day if you have something valuable to add - at the least, weekly.

Don’t post 3 updates, post 5 photos, comment on 7 things in 30 minutes, then walk away from it for a week – it might look like spamming your audience. Look at what has been posted recently by other administrators – did they just post something 5 minutes ago? Is so, wait till some more time has past.
Can I have a work account and a personal account on Facebook?
No. Facebook terms and conditions do not allow this. Facebook do regular audits and you can have you accounts suspended or deleted. This has happened to teachers at TAFE already.

Just make sure you have changed your privacy settings and look at seeting up Lists on Facebook.
What happens if someone posts some bad feedback about TAFE in my group or page?
You always need to respond. It will depend on the type of bad feedback as to how you respond.
Can I have my own Facebook page for my section at my campus?
North Coast TAFE cannot prevent anyone setting up a page, because Facebook is open.

However, we do not encourage this, and there is no support for doing so. We encourage using the existing campus Facebook pages to engage with new and potential customers, business and the community.

You are more likely to get engagement as people know the campus within the community. There is also the potential to reach a greater audience who you might not of reached before.

An unattended, unmonitored Facebook page for a section sends a worse message to customers of being slow, uninteresting, or you don't run the courses anymore.
I want to advertise my course vacancies on Facebook, can I?
Potentially. Whilst applications/enrollment dates are promoted via campus Facebook pages, they aren’t meant for “pushing” courses, and if we do it will alienate our “fans”. So, only sections that have staff prepared to take on the role of coordinating a once per week, very short, engaging Facebook post about your current courses/vacancies plus actively monitor and answer questions or comment about it, will be able to use the campus Facebook page for this purpose.

You can request paid advertising for Facebook though.
I have taken photos of my students at an event, can I upload them to Facebook?
Yes, if you have a permission to publish form signed by the students. Facebook is like any other website - you can't publish a photo of the student without their permission.

You could however, get the students to upload the photos themselves onto the Facebook page, this takes the responsibility (and the work) out of your hands.
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