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Jack Davis 'Mining Company's Hymn'

No description

georgia hodgson

on 31 July 2015

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Transcript of Jack Davis 'Mining Company's Hymn'

Jack Davis 'Mining Company's Hymn'
BY: Georgia H, Lindsay and Georgia S.
Quote: 'Though I wallow in the valley of wealth, I will fear no weevil'

Quote: 'The government is my Shepard I shall not want'

Technique: Religious allusion/ parody

Meaning: The religious allusion/ parody allows the audience to connect easily with the author due to the worldwide use of the bible. purposeful malapropism to poke fun at christian values Shepard nurtures and protects the flock the lord and the earth will provide for you we don't abide by the values we say we are. conveying a sense of Hypocracy. We promote consumerism and capitalism, goes against the idea of 'christian values'. we need to rely on the government and we are slaves to the government.
Bible Psalm Parody
Quote: 'from the Aboriginies there and claims there'

Technique: Historical allusion/ irony

Meaning: it refers to the claims that the aboriginals once had but they have lost to the government and white people.
Historical Allusion
Quote: 'Bank... vaults of the land'

Extended Metaphor
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